Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeling Down and Out


I have plenty to be thankful for and perhaps I should also tell of that, but at times like this I feel a little......lost?!
let's see what's going on in my life:
  • Mother-in-Law is dying of cancer. The hospice nurse says maybe 2 weeks.
  • Son is very uncomfortable and in pain from hydrocele surgery and circumsicion revision
  • He is getting glasses soon (at less than 2 years of age)
  • Wondering if I am going to have a job this year (with my parents, as they lost everything last year)
  • My hubby losses his job at the end of the month. His company lost the contract he was working under
  • My Mom is not doing well. She doesn't deal with stress, life death or anything very well these days.
  • My Daddy has been in the bed sick with high blood pressure today and not doing well . He also is scheduled for eye surgery the 25th.
  • My parents are due to leave for a conference that my Father will give lectures at next Monday. They will be driving and he does not see well to drive.
  • My house is in complete disorder and I AM one of those people that if her house is out of sorts then her mind is too
  • I dropped one of my glasses and and still have a shard of glass in my foot. Note to self: call doctor and make appointment.
  • We also had our camera dock to start smoking and spitting sparks over the weekend. Thankfully we were home and took care of it BEFORE the house caught on fire.
  • My friend is in the hospital with diabetic issues. Her twin baby daughter has sepsis and is very sick at home with Daddy and twin brother. They live well over an hour away and I cannot go because Monkey cannot ride in the carseat for that long. Yes, my child comes first!!!
  • We are planning my mil's funeral and burial and taking on the finanical matters over their household.

  • I think that is all for now..............isn't that enough????!!!!!! Please pray for us. We have NO idea what or where or how hubby will find a job. The medical conditions of my children, health insurance and pre-exsisting conditions are quite scary terms right now. We will have to have cobra coverage, assuming we can get it. I HATE uncertainity!!!!! Thank you for your prayers.


Deborah said...

Step one: Place left hand on right shoulder.
Step two: Place right hand on left shoulder.
Step three: Squeeze until your arms get a little jello-y.
Step 4: Make a cup of tea and drink it as slowly as life will allow.

I remember those last couple of weeks with my MIL...I'm still not used to life without her. I wish there was something immediately, tangibly practical I could do for you. But in the meantime, repeat steps 1-3, and know that while I'm shivering in my slippers and watching my world turn white, I'm drinking a cup of tea and thinking of you with warm hugs and heartfelt prayers. After I clean up the plate that the baby just knocked off the table and broke... *sigh*

"The Lord never gives us more than we can handle...but some days, I wish he didn't have so much faith in me!"

Nico said...

Praying for you and all of your family too. I wish there was something that I could do to help. I know that you will be strong through everything, and please know that your friends care about you deeply :) Big hugs to you, and get well soon to your little boy too.

Mimi said...

Sending prayers for you and your family. I wish I were closer and could do more.

~Babychaser~ said...

Oh you sweet thing... what a day! I'm sorry you have so much to deal with these days! I was reading a book yesterday that reminded me how our God's grace is sufficient! Don't forget that... cling to it! He always poors the right amount of grace over us to get us through whatever he allows us to go through! I will pray for you in this time!


Ellie said... sure does seem like life hits you all at once.....I know you are grateful for all of your blessings but sometimes it sure does help to get the tough stuff out and off of your shoulders.....that's what friends are listen and be there for you! Sending prayers and hugs your way.....Ellie

Marva said...

Thanks Deborah! You make me smile...... Blessings!!!

Oh and hope the plate didn't make too much of a mess......

Marva said...

Thanks nico!!! You have faith in me. Thank you. Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Thank you Mimi! I wish you lived closer to. Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Thank you babychaser.... I'm needing those prayers! Along with everyone else.


Marva said...

Ellie, thank you for your prayers. I feel like I just got the wind knocked out of me ya know?!!! Blessings! Thank you again!

mykidsmom said...

I'm sorry you are facing all of this right now, and at the same time. Sometimes trials and challenges seem to come that way. And you're not being depressing- it's good to reach out and let people know you need support and we'll continue to pray for your little boy, mom-in-law, and for strength for the rest of the family. God bless and take care of you all~

Marva said...

Thanks mykidsmom! Blessings!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Somehow i missed this post earlier. So sorry Marva. I cant even imagine what you are feeling and going through. I can however give you a verse that I cling to when times get rough.

Fear not for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they will not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. Isaiha 41

Melinda said...

Oh Marva, I just read your post. There will be times in life when you feel all is going down hill and you don't know what to do. You know my story...I have been there many times! Just remember that God will always take care of you. And when you least expect it, he will do something great in your life! Don't worry about your husbands job, he will find another one. When my husband lost his job after the first heart surgery, I stessed all the time. My son was 2 and all that stress wasn't good for any of us. My husand worked 2 part time jobs to help pay the bills, and I started selling on Ebay and at Flea Markets to help pay for food and gas. We didn't have insurance and we had to pay full price for my husbands heart medications. Eventually he did find a great job, but it was in Gods timing, not ours. It will work out for you. Just hang in there and know we are praying for you. God Bless! Melinda

Marva said...

Thank you Mrs. D. That verse was like music to my ears. I needed to hear that. Thank you!!!! Blessings!!!!!

Marva said...

Thank you so much Melinda!!! I know you are right, sometimes to it is just so hard to let it absorb. Blessings on you!!!