Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Outdoor Activites

I started looking for free fun outdoor activities that we can do with our twins. Here is what I came up with. I hope you find this useful.

Go to the park

Bird watching

Butterfly hunting (and identfication with older children)

Taking pictures

Strolling, hiking, walking


Treasure hunting

Gardening (vegetables and/or Flowers)

Putting up a bird house and /or feeders)

Drawing with sidewalk chalk

Playing games such as hopscotch

Playing catch

Flying a kite

What free outdoor activities do you enjoy with your family? Please share......



mykidsmom said...

That's funny- when I came back from commenting, there was a new post!

We love to take the kids to local state parks (Oregon has lots of them). I say local because they are in resonable driving distance, 39-60 minutes. There is a small one that does a special activity each month (apple festival, blacksmith days, ect) and it's donations only. It's a definite favorite. We also love to bike ride and hike trails at the neighborhood parks. And thrift stores (hey, it's an activity to us! Lol). My kids are turning out to be good bargain hunters.

mykidsmom said...

OOps! That was supposed to be free activities, and the thrift store isn't free, just ALMOST free!

I forgot to mention the Ocean, another one of our favorite activites. And feeding the ducks at the pond.

Think I better quit now, Lol.

Mimi said...

Great list Marva! We love to go to free museum day in our town, the free park concerts in the summer, and freee swim day every week at the YMCA.

Mrs. Darling said...

My kids are older fo course so my free activities wouldn't necessarily apply to your twins.

We love to play basketball at the park, make our own gargantuan bubble makers and blow them, pick wild blackberries and make a pie together, make dolls using apples for heads and a bit of cornstalk for the body, take our rafts to the river and float, go downtown to the waterfront and watch the boats while walking the boardwalk and enjoying icecream...these are just a few. Notice there is no hiking involved? I hate hiking. Hubby loves it so he and the kids do it together.

Anonymous said...

Since my kids are older now, these were some of the fun things we did when they were younger....sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, trike/bike riding, wading pool, walks, duck pond to feed the ducks, catch, going to the park. When they were older they enjoyed shooting basketball hoops, bike rides, scooter riding, rollerblading, frisbee, badmitton. Have FUN! Ellie

Nico said...

We like to take long walks in the Spring and Summer time, it is fun to look at all of the houses and gardens in bloom.

Marva said...

Mykidsmom, We have lots of state parks close here to within an hours drive. They will be fun to take in when the boys are a little older. I love thrift stores too! Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Sounds like fun Mimi! blessings!!

Marva said...

You truly are a wonderful Mom Mrs. Darling!!!! Many blessings!!

Marva said...

Sounds wonderful Ellie! you kids are very blessed! Blessings sweet friend!

Marva said...

Sounds relaxing Nico! I could go for that right now. Blessings!

Southerner said...

Get the state vacation planner free from the travel website. It has a monthly list of events all over the state. I look for things within a 2 hour drive and we enjoy going to festivals and things when we can. There are a lot of civil war and indian pow wows in Alabama. Since we are so close to Tennessee I also get their travel guide.

Marva said...

Great tips Southerner! Before the twins were born I did a lot of arts and craft shows with my mixes. I love to go to festivals and shows! There also are several car and tractor shows around. Blessings!!!