Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello World!

So I'm not really feeling that well, but better. The boys were better yesterday than today.

My father-in-law called last night and I answered the phone. He hung up because he thought he had the wrong number! Haha! Hubby and I got a good laugh out of that one.

Not much to report other than I hope to go to the store and p.o. today. I do not want to expose the boys to too many germs.

Our internet has been rather intermitent yesterday and already this morning. My spellcheck is not working properly on blogger so excuse the misspellings.

I need to get some chicken out for supper, do a couple loads of laundry, unload the dw, make the bed and get ready for the day. It is suppose to be 76 here tday!!!!!!! Can you say heat wave?!?!

Uh, I need to vote too!!!!

I do have one funny to share before leaving you. As you will see Monkey's speech is improving. Last night we were eating supper and Monkey kept trying to get his Daddy's phone on his side. Hubby pulled his phone off and layed it on the table. We were sitting talking after supper (still at the table) when hubby asked if he had brought his phone in. I said, "Yes honey, it's right there." Tiger looked at his Daddy and pointed to his phone while laughing. Hubby called him a "smarty britches" (just playing). Monkey looked at his Daddy and plain as day called him a "smarty britches"! Hilarious! They do pick up things quickly.
Have a great Tuesday!!!! Blessings!!!!


Mrs. Darling said...

You know what? My spell check hasnt worked for about five days now. I wonder whats up?

Mimi said...

That is such a cute story!

Marva said...

That is strange Mrs. Darling. I wonder if anyone else is having these types of problems?!


Marva said...

Thanks Mimi! I thought so too!