Thursday, February 7, 2008

Taking Stock

I can and freeze a lot!! We grow almost everything that I use to do this. We are blessed in abudance and very little vegetables and fruit type thingds do I buy at the grocers. I took stock today (trying to keep busy and my mind pre-occupied I guess). So here is the rundown of what we have left. Keep in mind we have already used a lot of of things. Also some things were left from 2006. This is in no particular order.

228 Ot . Green Beans
29 Qt. Tomatoes (diced)
48 Pt. Pink eyed peas
11 Qt. Brown Crowder peas
9 Pt. Corn Relish
23 Pt. Squash Relish
5 Pt. tomato Juice
7 Qt. Vegetable Soup
6 Pt. October beans
9 Qt. Spaghetti Sauce
8 Pt. BBQ sauce
5 Pt. Taco Sauce
12 Pt. Salsa
16 Pt. Peach Salsa
4 Pt. Jalapeno Salsa
28 Pt. Pickled Crabapples
14 Pt. Squash Pickles
4 Pt. Zucchini Pickles
5 Pt. Cauliflower Pickles
10 Qt. Dilly Beans
3 Pt. Pickled Green Tomatoes
10 Pt. Chow chow
4 Pt. Pickled Beets
5 Pt. Okra Pickles
9 Pt. Sweet and Sour Apple Relish
12 Qt. pepper Sauce
4 Pt. stewed okra & Tomatoes
3 Pt. Praline Syrup
2 Pt. Apple cinnamon syrup
4 Pt. Apple preserves
18 Pt. Peach pie Filling
35 Qt. Apple Butter
4 Pt. Canned Pears
3 Pt. Cranberry apple jelly
9 Pt. Plum jelly
4 Pt. Muscadine Jelly
5 Pt. Scuppernong jelly
6 Pt. crabapple jelly
3 Pt. Blueberry Lime Jam
2 Pt. Grape jelly
4 Pt Apple Jelly
4 Pt. Pineapple Jelly (no we do not grow pineapples;)
6 Pt. Peach Jelly
2 Pt. Fig Preserves
29 Pt. Strawberry Jam
16 Pt. Strawberry Fig Jam
3 Pt. Blueberry conserve
13 Pt. Tomato Apple chutney
14 Qt. Pickled Peaches
13 Pt. Pineapple Peach Jam
14 Pt. Applesauce
3 Pt. Peach Butter, 1Qt.
15 various size jars Pepper Jelly
2 Pt. Pear Juice
2 Pt. Strawberry butter
1 Pt. Pear Preserves
1 Pt. Pear Juice

4 Qt. Blueberries
48 bags cream style corn
6 Qt. Peaches
1 Qt. Grape juice (for jelly)
21 Pt. strawberries
18 Qt. breaded okra
1/2 gal Plum juice (for jelly)

I think that is it, although it seems like I have more in the freezer (fruit and veggie wise). It is so much hard work and can be quite economical IF you grow your own fruits and veggies. If NOT, then it can be quite expensive. I need to get restocked this summer. Tell me what you can and/or freeze. What is your favorite? We will start planting next month. More on that later. Many blessings on you all!!!


Deborah said...

Said it before, I'll say it again: You have got to be among my favorite overachievers!!! I'm inspired and humbled, Marva dear, but I'd sure love to have you on my porch with sweet tea! Perhaps in june, as it's 18 degrees at the moment.... Love to you and yours,


Nikki said...

I don't can anything, and I only freeze meat that I buy on sale. I do have some blueberry bushes planted, but they are only a year old, so they don't produce much at all. I have some strawberries on order, and I hope to have a big enough harvest this summer to freeze some of those.

But I am impressed with all that you have. It must have been a lot of work, especially with two little boys running around.

Mimi said...

Marva, I'd have grren ben casserole every night! I freeze a lot of berries, green and red peppers,peaches,etc. and I like to make sun dried tomatoes. Those are my favorites.

Nico said...

Everything sounds so yummy! I wish I could grocery shop at your house, the fruits and veggies sound so good :)

mykidsmom said...

My goodness- this would impress even Mrs.Darling!

PLEASE tell me what Scuppernaug jelly (and the one listed before it) is- they sound interesting.

I CANNOT wait to can pickles this year- I had someone give me a jar that waa so fabulous- so I'm going to do tons of those. Also, I love to have fruit in the freezer. Last year we call a blueberry farm after they closed for the season and they let us come pick 1/2 price!

I plan to do lots more freezing of a variety of things this year and am starting to collect canning goods now. My garden overflowed with tomatoes last year, so I plan to make good use of them too (I did do awesome salsa last year).

Okay, now I feel really impatient for Summer to come! And sorry about the long comment, you got me on a roll there.

Marva said...

Hi Deborah! Glad you added "outnumbered" I almost did not recongize you;)

Yes, sweet tea sounds great! June is more like it though! Thanks for the compliment! Blessings!!

Marva said...

Hi Nikki! I know you'll love the blueberries when they become more plentiful. They are so yummy and good for you too. Lots of multipurpose uses!

Yes, a lot of work it is. So worth it though. The best part is knowing I grew that, I know what's in the canned product and I can cook it for my children. I know what's going in those precious temples of the Lord.


Marva said...

I just cook the green beans down to where they have no liquid left Mimi. That's how my Grandmothers always did it;)

Hubby will not touch green bean casserole........but I love it too!

The sun dried tomatoes sound yummy!


Marva said...

Thanks nico! Come on down and shop you may. Talledega is your tickets?!


Marva said...

Hello mykidsmom. What a compliment indeed! I want to can some pickles this year too. I actually sell my peach salsa and cannot seem to keep enough for us. I think it is pretty good. we love salsa......... a low fat food;)

Scuppernongs and Muscadines are kind of like grapes. One is wild and the other tame. Have seeds. One is purple and the other bronze. The hull can be very tart and the flesh is as sweet as honey!

I love long comments!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Now is a good time to check the thrift stores for canning jars and such.

IF said...

Hi Marva,
That is so cool and impressive! I don't know how to can/jar anything but I would sure love to know how to make sweet pickle relish one day. I have to bring it with me from the states. Blueberries, cherries, rasberries, and blackberries are so cheap at the store here and very plentiful but only during the summer! I wish I had know that because I would have frozen so much of them. I have to wait to get them now. I can only find frozen cherries and canned strawberries at the store.
I actually bought a packet of green onion seeds to plant somewhere in our back yard, if I can find some dirt. It would be fun to try to grow something. Right now Irek's uncle is using our back yard and its almost all concrete and covered with cars and metal stuff. We own one half of the big house building and his uncle owns the other side. We made a flat on the first floor and rent the places above on our side. So for right now the back is not pretty to look at but at least I can imagine how it will be because my husband has promised it will be cleaned up soon! I hope I can have a garden one day and a little grill. So that is cool.
I hope you are doing good and hanging in there!

Marva said...

Hi Ivy! That would be great if you could have a little garden and grilling area. I love fresh produce. I cannot wait until we can pick strawberries in 6-8 weeks. Yummy!!!! Blessings!!!