Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a Night!

Hubby and I went to The Top O' The River for supper! It was so yummy. I had gulf shrimp and he had catfish and popcorn shrimp. Then we went and saw Fool's Gold. It was good, not that I would go again. Okay for someone like me) that has NOT seen a movie in almost 4 years. We also found the hubby a gorgeous suit. He has had the same one for the last 13 years (since he was 18) and cannot get into it anymore and the slacks are just a little see through. So we shelled out the money and got one. He is SOOOOO hard to fit and I have never found one at the thrift stores even close. So we made the investment. He looks so handsome in it. Also got hima tie to amtch and it will all be perfect for Easter!

We got home to learn that our only tv had a small fire coming out of the back of it while the sitter was watching it and she took care of it and now we have a borrowed 15 inch sitting in its place. It is burnt up and the plastic is melted. The smell still lingers.......... YUCK!

I stayed home with the boys since we had 40 mile an hour winds today with cold rain. Hubby went though. The central heating/ac unit is doing funny things as well. We will just add this to all of the other things that has happened as of late! I am smiling believe it or not! I have coffee (decaf, but coffee)!

It will all be okay and tomorrow is the sweet beginning of another week. I have my Mother's helper coming tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that! Hope you had a great Sunday. We did NOT get to watch the race and I still do not even know who won. Nico, tell me. Maybe I'll just stop by your blog and see.

Have a great week and many blessings!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ryan Newman won the race Marva it was a good race lots of cautions though. Did you all get the storms or under tornado warnings? I saw a lot of bad weather over Alabama. Oh and I want that or will you post that recipe for that cake you made for your moms birthday.


Nico said...

What a weekend! It is great that you and your hubby had a fun day out! Dinner and a movie would be so nice.

We were shocked to see that Ryan Newman won , it looked like Tony Stewart was going to finally win the Daytona 500, maybe next year ;)

Mimi said...

Marva, it must have been nice to see a movie that's not for kids! I'm glad that you guys got an evening out.

Mrs. Darling said...

I didnt know you had a mothers helper! What a neat thing for you! All moms need a little break.

And seafood? Oh yum. I love sea food. It all sounds so scrummy delicious!

Marva said...

Thanks Vicki! Nothing bad here, it was farther south. We did get so much needed rain though. I will get the recipe posted either today or tomorrow for you! Blessings and thanks for stopping by.

Marva said...

Yeah, I bet, Nico! Us too......
The date was nice, we just relaxed. Hope to go again....soon...... Blessings!!

Marva said...

It was nice to have a night out Mimi! actually our kids have probably never watched a total of 24 hours of tv in their whole little 22 month lives. I am very hands on with them. Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Yes, Mrs. Darling, she is wonderful. she is a sweet, christian 15 year old that we have known (and her family) since birth. Her grandfather married us and was hubby's preacher for 25 years. She comes once a month and on days she's out of school. This summer she will work part time while I work on the farm. She will be right there (with the boys) as our house is within walking or strolling distance. I agree, we all need a little break now and again.

Me too, seafood is my favorite!