Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Tour: The Kitchen

I love having so many cabinets.
My kitchen is my favorite room. It is where I nuture and create. It is where we always sit down as a family. We share here and we pray here.

I love my kitchen. I have the Pfaltzgraff Delicious pattern for my glasses and dishes.

There is a lazy susan on the top and in the bottom cabinets.

The canisters on the top of the fridge were another yard sale find for $.25 each.

The ribbons are for my canned products that I have entered in our county fair since the year 2000. There are about 200 or so I would guess.

I picked up the barstools also at a yard sale for $5 each.

I also really like my island. It is almost 7' and very handy to have for a couple of extra places for sitting

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my kitchen. What's the favorite feature in your kitchen? Mine are my dishwasher and smooth top range. I also like my roll out garbage cans, roll out cabinet shelves and the lazy susans.



Nico said...

I love your kitchen. All of the cabinets look so great! It also looks like you have plenty of storage, that is one major item that I am lacking in my little kitchen.

Marva said...

Thannks nico!!! It is very nice to have the storage. I can really take of advantage of stockpiling;)!

I also have a walk in pantry when off of the utility room (which is off of the kitchen). It comes in handy too!

Blessings and thanks fro stopping by!

Nico said...

Wow I would LOVE to have a walk-in pantry! That would be so handy :)

Marva said...

I store all of my canned stuff in there. It holds a good bit. I love this feature too.

mykidsmom said...

Okay, now I'm envious, LoL. Eventually, I plan to have a kitchen like this. It must be really nice having all that room when you are canning food.

Which leads to another questian: could you share some of your canning recipes in the future? Things such as spaghetti sauce or soups (if you make these).

Nikki said...

Your kitchen sounds similar to mine with a lot of cabinets and a glass-top stove. My favorite feature is the island; I love having all of that room when I am cooking.

Mimi said...

Your kitchen is really pretty. I love your counter tops. I also like the baskets and canisters. My kitchen is small, but I do have a large eat in area and plenty of counter space. I'd like to totally redo my kitchen but I don't think I have the patience for it! (oh yeah... or the money )

Marva said...

It definately comes in handy during the canning season.

Of course when closer to harvest I'll be glad to. I love to make taco, bbq and spaghetti sauces and some soups via the canning method.

I also will start sharing photos of our fields and orchards next month during bloom season and planting.

Marva said...

I agree Nikki! i love having the extra space. My roll out garbage cans are in the last cabinet at the end of the island. That is also another one of my favorites.


Marva said...

Thanks Mimi! It is very country looking and I like that. I think the baskets make it feel cozy and homey. We are into fruit around here(I wonder why?)LOL! I hope to get some border put just above the counter back splash soon. I purchased it at Dollar General and it is fruity.

Your kitchen and eat in sound wonderful. I know what you mean about the money part. How is the bath remodel coming? Blessings!!!!

~Babychaser~ said...

I love your kitchen! I think my favorite part of mine is simply that it is open to the rest of the house (we are in a mobile home). I really don't care much for anything else. :) It's little, few cabinets, fewer drawers (only 2!), and no counter space! I am so thankful the Lord has grown contentment in me for the home we have though... that was not always the case. :)

Marva said...

That is wonderful babychaser. You make me want to cry. Many blessings!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marva! Pretty looks so warm and inviting. I was wondering......what type of material is on your counter tops? We are in the middle of getting bids to have ours done....I'm so excited! It will be the last part of the kitchen to do....we did the laminate hardwood floors, then a garden window, then last Aug new stainless appliances and finally new counter's taken us a while (a couple of years) so I am excited to have it all come together. We are looking at the quartz silestone but haven't chosen a design yet. Thanks for the tour.....I'm enjoying it! Blessings.....Ellie

Marva said...

Hi Ellie! It is just plastic laminate. A very inexpensive type. Thanks for the comment!

I looked up the quartz silestone......very modern looking...very pretty and clean looking.


MyKidsMom said...

Wow- I would love having all those cupboards!