Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I Seeing Things

Just as I was clicking post on the Two for Two I noticed them. I also happened to be on the phone with a nurse at Children's Hospital concerning Monkey's upcoming surgery. I looked out my front door and could not believe my own eyes!

There were around 50 cows and calves and the bull running wild. I did not take a picture, there was no time. My Dad was an hour away at the doctor and I had to get there. Oh, did I mention that I had the twins in tow? I called my brother who was 15 minutes away on the lower farm putting out spray and never hears his phone on the tractor. I was praying for him to hear it. I called my sitter and got her to stay in the car with the boys. I met my Mom at the road (did I mention we live on a U.S. highway? Very busy........even in the country!

Then I saw him, there was a man that my brother coached his son on (my nephew's) basketball team. He was getting the cows off the shoulder of the road. The bad thing was that the plastic mulch (the rows are 1000 feet roughly) and the 10,000 plants (they were just set in the last two weeks) were getting trampled.

We finally got the them all herded into a central location in front of my house grazing (this wouold be cut for hay in June). Then I saw the red Ford turn in! YES!!! There was my brother, he had a 5 gallon bucket of range cubes and was rattling them. We got the cows and calves headed back. There was just one little problem and he weighs about 2000 pounds. He is crazy too. He charged my husband two weeks ago when he was putting hay out. two months ago he lifted my brother in the air. He is crazy! Did I mention we were all on foot? I have been within 10 feet of this bull the whole time watching him (with my big stick) and I finally get him headed toward the cows. He did not want to go but the good samartitan came and gave me a hand.

We got them all back to the pasture and locked the gate. Someone(s) had evidently left it half closed yesterday. They were throwing rocks at the bull ("to see what he would do"). Then My Mom saw them coming out of the pasture. My cousin's 15 year old twinadoes. If mine ever did anyhthing like that, they would not be able to move for a week. Yes, cuz if you're reading........I would bust their butts! Excuse my language........ Someone could have gotten killed or wrecked much less all of the other stuff that could have happened!

the plants and plastic faired much better than thought, there are several holes from the hooves though.

So, all is well. Praise the Lord. We saw a wonderful deed and know that there still are good samartians in this ole world and I got me some heart racing exercise for today!

Thank you Lord for giving me strength and answering prayers!



MyKidsMom said...

Wow- talk about a prank gone bad! Glad that everything worked out, and that God provided you with that good Samaritan:)

Nico said...

Wow! I'm so glad that everyone was safe. It sounds like you had a crazy day!

MyKidsMom said...

I've tagged you for a six-word can throw something at me if you want to, LoL.

Southerner said...

Moooooo! Did someone catch this for the news? I was chased by a bull one time when I was about 4. We were walking through the pasture from my uncles to my aunt's house and he came out of the woods and charged us. My dad put me on his shoulders and ran. We had to get throught the barbed wire fence. Scary! Glad your bull wasn't interested in eating you. The twins sure need to be taught responsibility. Maybe they could fix all the holes in the plastic and replant things.

My brother went to our cousin's house in Nashville when he was a kid and they were joy riding on the tractor and plowed down a brick mailbox. They set all the bricks back into place as best they could and didn't tell anyone until a few years ago.

chelle's winks said...

That's a crazy day alright!

Anonymous said...

Marva I had to laugh when I was reading about the cows, calves and that darn bull. My grandfather raised black angus and one night grandpa was awaken to cows trampling around the house the whole herd got out. It 11PM at night. Have you ever tried to chase black angus in the dark. Must say its not easy.

Or pigs getting out and they are pigging and meaner than mean and you having to take big stick to crack them in the darn nose to get them headed back to the pen.

Glad everything worked out ok

Nikki said...

Oh, my!! I can only imagine. That has been one of my worst fears -- the horses getting out and onto the nearby highway. Oh, my!!

Mimi said...

I'm happy to hear it all turned out well.
Marva, stop by my blog and enter my $25 Visa gift card giveaway.
have a safe and fun day!

Jamie said...

Had to laugh at your post! I grew up on a farm and it brought back a lot of memories of chasing cows! Those were always the exciting days when they all got out somehow! :-)