Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Real

I have been taking a little time away from blogging this week to see where my time really goes. The boys are two now and they really are much more needy of my time. I asked back sometime ago how many blogs do you read and comment on, I have way too many. I love each and everyone of them and that is my problem. So I have narrowed it down from 25-35 to just 13.

One of my main issues is that I read about everyone else's 2 year olds and think mine isn't doing that....thye should be. NO, they should NOT be. Most everyone else's 2 year old was a singelton, born at full term and has not braved death. It's okay for my children to be who they are......that's the way God created them. I had actually been getting upset thinking I was not teaching my children well enoiugh and getting frustrated with them. That was so wrong of me! So I needed to say bye bye to a couple of blogs. I did not know them, had never commented, so no loss.

Next is the issue that I need to be the perfect cook, Mom, nurse, crafter, frugalist, gardener, have the perfect house. I was wanting what others had, so to speak. I did not want there life, but I was envious. I am not talented in many areas. I never will be! I am recongizing my talents more and more these last few days though. I am a good cook, wife, Mommy, frugalist. I keep a neat and tidy home and love doing so. I may never craft a thing and that is okay too!

I love all of my readers (even those that never comment.....hint, hint)! I just have got to get my priorities in order. My computer time limit is no more than 2 hours a day! That includes, reading and writing, shopping for sales, signing up for freebies, etc!

I am praying that I can use my life to bless others and not be green with envy for others' talents' and/or possessions.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Blessings!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Marva, your twins are progressing and growing just fine. I had all of the same anxieties about mine. I remember always comparing my twins to other kids their age. you're right, all kids are different. Your babies have their special talents just like mine, each is unique and that's how God made them! As for being super woman, I think you do an amazing amount and you'd be pretty hard to keep up with! Have a great day with your family and may God Bless you and yours.

MyKidsMom said...

Good for you Marva. Isn't it kind of liberating to look at yourself and decide that you don't have to meet up to everybody else's standards? Which NONE of us can do, by the way. I read blogs sometimes that say you must do such and such to be a good wife or mother and would feel like no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do it "just so." However, when I talked to hubby about it, he told me it really didn't matter what anyone else thought, as long as I knew I was doing my best, and HE was happy with it (and HE was:)

NOT that we can't all improve in some areas or need some good instruction once in a while. But I at least needed to realize that when I'm doing MY best for my family, it IS good enough.

And I realize this really may not be exactly what you meant, so just think of it as a little heart to heart talk going on here. Some of the things you said here I have pondered on recently.

I can't Identify with you in the area of your boy's health, I haven't had to deal with anything other than my daughters speech issue, which really isn't the same. I hope some who have dealt with those issues will be able to encourage you there.

If you need to drop my blog from time to time, to make time for other things, I'll still come pester you (you know I will:).

Nico said...

Marva you do an amazing job, and you are one fantastic Mommy too.

Nikki said...

One of my good friends has a daughter that is 8 days older than Sarah Beth. She is doing so much more than Sarah Beth is: saying more words, used utensils earlier, walked earlier, etc.. I've struggled with comparing our girls, too. You're not alone.

~Babychaser~ said...

I hope you will be by my part of "town" again... but if not, I will COMPLETELY understand. I'm constantly updating which blogs I read and which ones I don't. I'm sure my husband worries every time I tell him I found a new blog. I had to assure him this last time that for every one I add, I also dismiss a couple. :) Just depends what season we're in. :)

Oh, and about the twins! What they say is true... each child develops at their own speed. :) Celebrate each new ability or discovery, or victory in each baby's life!!!... whenever it happens! :)


Southerner said...

From a mommy of almost 18 years I wish I could have you get it deep in your soul that so many things that we worry about are not worth it. The Bible says not to worry about tomorrow, for today has enough of it's own. That is so true and it is amazing how hard it is to do! I have heard twins usually don't communicate as much as a single because they are so connected and communicate visually and with their own language. Don't worry about them, God has special things just for them to do at their own time. Just from your blog and comments I can tell you are a good mommy and wife and keep your home. You are so appreciative of what you have and how hard your hubbie works. Continue to honor him and train your children in what is right and good. Don't try to be anything else other than the sweet Marva we know!

Mrs. Darling said...

I echo soutberner here. As a mommy of almost 26 years I can tell you that you see things very differently when you have grown kids.

With my younger ones I never compare. It does no good. My dear little Tink is on her own schedule. She marches to her own drummer. Life has taught me that's okay.

Marva, its the younger mommies that have all the answers to childrearing. The older mothers who have already raised kids realize the only answer is prayer and lots of it!

Children develop at their own rate but do you know what? By the time they reach 21 no one cares any longer that they didnt roll over until they were 7 months or that they didnt talk until they were three. It's forgotten.

Also by the time a child is 21 most mothers have finally caught on that their child is who they are, not by any great method they used but by Gods grace and mamas prayers.

I can tell you love your little guys. Just enjoy them and dont rush them into doing anything.They're only two once.