Sunday, April 6, 2008

To grill or go out?

My Mom had purchased T-Bones on sale for $6.99 a pound (to celebrate hubby's b'day last month and was postponed). She had them cut one pound each. With tax that came to $37.55 for 5 steaks. Add in the potato and salad, condiments and such. That brings it to roughly $43.00 or so, maybe a little more. Then add in the grilling, clean-up and all. That is $8.60 each and all of the mess.

We have a little cafe two miles up the road. They have a ONE pound rib-eye and 12 medium size fried shrimp w/ two sides for $10.79 INCLUDING tax. They have an all you can eat salad bar and their baked potatoes are HUGE. We usually order it to go, since they have a smoking section and the boys are allergic to smoke and it's not good for any of us anyhow. They marinate their steaks and grill them to perfection, make their own tartar sauce (it is so good) and they will make your salad plate if you want. I weighed mine a few weeks back (oh yes I did). I got 2.14 POUNDS of salad with my meal!

Maybe next time I will tell my Mom we will order from DB's and save the extra work and get the shrimp to boot!

Have a great day! We will be standing over the grill this afternoon for steaks. Company will be coming and we hope to have some good fellowship! I told hubby that we should leave his Dad and my folks with the boys and the cooked food and skip town. Sounded like a good idea to me! He asked if he could take the steak with him! LOl!!! Men! He he! Too funny!

What do you think? Blessings!!


Nikki said...

I agree that it would be better to order out! It's always worth a little more (to me) to order out so I don't have to clean up!!

By the way, how were your steaks?

chelle's winks said...

Eating out or staying home...hey at least your'e getting steaks.

I love to eat out as much as possible when feasible, cause cleaning up stinks...however it is fun to grill out with family and friends at home. I bet the fellowship will be better too.

About your young friend (DD) that's too much...WOW bless her heart...I don't need that much just mainly a lift.

Marva said...

I thought since there would no clean up (even though we would be at home with the take out), a HUGE salad and the shrimp, all out about $2 extra per person that was pretty good.

I agree!

The steaks (and company) were postponed to this afternoon at 4:30pm. We had 50 degree weather yesterday with the drizzles, so today llooked a little more like the grilling weather we are accustomed to. I'm sure they will be good, hubby is a master griller! I'll let you know though!



Marva said...

Hi chelle's winks! Nice to see you again! Thanks for commenting!

You are so right! We are blessed to have either. If we ordered out, we would bring it home and set it up as a home meal.

Yes, cleaning up stinks. I love to cook though. Love that fellowship.....that's my favorite! This will be the first time my fil has been out and over here since my mil passed last week. I hope he can enjoy himself. Bless his heart!

Yes, I feel sorry for my friend, bless her heart too. She is in so much pain. Blessings on yours!

Nico said...

Either way the dinner sounds delicious! Hope you are having a great weekend ;)