Monday, April 14, 2008

Going on Little Sleep

Steph asked how I do so much on so little sleep.

I suppose my body has just gotten accustomed to it. Most days I can function well and others I just cannot. This is not good for me. I keep thinking that maybe it will not be long before they are sleeping through the night AGAIN! I am blessed, so blessed they are here and healthy. Philippians 4:13 keeps me going........ "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

The boys are now in there own rooms and still not sleeping well. Monkey has severe allergies. He is now on prescription meds including eye drops twice a day. We are confined to home as well, until the pollen count goes down. They go to sleep around 8pm now. I am up several times throughout the night with them and then they are waking around 6am. That is better than the 4:30am a few weeks ago.

They nap for about an hour (10-11am) of a morning. They have quiet time in their rooms (or nap) from 2pm-4pm.

Some days I have to be right with the boys and they need that attention all day (except nap and quiet times). Other day they can play peacefully together for short times while I clean up from meals, do laundry, ironing, etc.

Someday I resign myself to a nap while they nap, especially if i am having hormonal migraines!

I also have a sitter (J.T.) and a Mother's helper (K.J.) that help from time to time.

The basic things I try to do everyday is listed below.

Get myself ready (basic hygiene, put on makeup, etc.)
Read Bible and Pray (I pray throughout the day)
I usually see Hubby off to work (as early at 3:30am, never later than 5:00am)
Cook supper
Basic schooling for the boys
Playtime for the boys
Laundry (2-4 loads each day)
Unload and reload dishwasher
Make the bed
Clean up kitchen and dining area after each meal
Computer time
Check emails and phone calls

Sometimes there are errands and canning. usually different things. most of all I have learned to be flexible. I love life and want to live it to the fullest. I just like to keep things in order in the meantime!



Southerner said...

We went 6 years on 5 hours of sleep a night when we delivered the newspaper- Dave Ramsey. I think that this really messed up my metabolism. I have heard a lot about how you gain weight when you do not get enough sleep- something to do with the hormones. This is when I began having a weight problem. So, rest when you can. Seasons will come in life to have a perfect home, enjoy loving those boys and their daddy and helping them adjust to their new changing schedules. You do such a great job of being a faithful wife and mom. I am glad you have some help.

Crazy in Alabama said...

I have a 4 month old and she started sleeping through the night at 3 months, but now she refuses to sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time. I have gone back to work and am EXHAUSTED! I feel your pain!

MyKidsMom said...

I think being sleep-deprived is one of the hardest circumstance of being a mommy to young kids, I'm still there myself. And I have the same problem with hormones/migraines impacting my sleep, I'm considering seeing a Doctor about that soon.

Last weekend hubby made me stay in bed for a whole day, and when I got up later, I actually looked much better than usual (don't laugh!). It made me think a little bit.

I'm sorry your little one has allergies; they (allergies) really are so difficult to deal with, and can make a person so miserable. Poor little guy.

Jamie said...

You deserve a nap I would say any day you feel like one!! :-)