Thursday, April 10, 2008

Least Favorite Chore and Winner

Mine is without a doubt scrubbing the toilet! Yuck!!!!

Nico you are the winner. I will be sending you a brand new copy of Real Simple's Cleaning book. Value $21.95. Congratulations!

What is your least favorite chore?



MyKidsMom said...

I really had to laugh at your answer (scrubbing toilets) because it's probably my least favorite chore too, but for some reason I didn't think of it!

Southerner said...

I HATE to put on sheets.

I don't like to vacuum b/c I don't like to get it out and put it up.

I don't like to clean the shower- too hard to do it without getting wet.

I like to see progress- either organize something or scrub something that goes from grimy to shiny.

Mimi said...

Congrats Nicole!
I don't like putting away the laundry. Now I usually just have my kids do it. I also dislike cleaning the fridge. Somebody keeps spilling sticky stuff, strangely enough, according to my loved ones it's not anyone in my family. It must be a fairy or a burglar!

Nico said...

Marva! I'm so excited!!! I'm jumping up and down right now :) I can't wait to read the book, and get some fantastic tips to keep my house nice and tidy!

My least favorite chores have to be scrubbing the toilets and cleaning the litter-box, both are yucky to me.

Thanks again! Great big hugs to you!!!

Nikki said...

I hate scrubbing the shower. The only way to do it is to climb inside, and then you get all wet. Also, it's so big and time-consuming!

IF said...

That is so funny. I actually enjoy scrubbing the toilet out but hate to iron so much I would rather wear wrinkles! haha! Hope you and your family are doing really good!!

KyliesMom said...

Congratulations, Nico!

I don't like scrubbing the toilet either. Yuk.

Laura said...

Scrubbing the toilet is my least favorite also. It didn't used to be so bad, but with toddlers using it it's worse!