Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weight Loss Goals

I have just realized that I did not mention my weight loss goals. It's really simple......to be the healthiest Marva I can be.

I am right at 5'10" tall. My bone structure is a medium bulid. My bmi is 28.3. I want to see it at the healthy range of 18.5-24.9.

I lost 1 pound last week. I think a healthy weight for me is about 160. I would like to see 155. I would happy with 165. I am not going to say I have to weigh such and such.

I would like to see a size 12 again. The 8 I use to be is long gone. A 10 is really pushing it and a 12 is pushing somewhat. I would be happy in a 14 as well.

Well, there you have it.

Are you happy with your weight? Are you trying to lose a few or a lot of pounds? Leave me a comment!!! Blessings on your day!


Nikki said...

I've got about 10 pounds of "baby weight" to lose. I've got a new exercise DVD that I enjoy; I used it all last week. However, I'm not sure I will have much time to use it this month.

Andrea said...

I'm in the same boat and post a "fat-burnin friday" snack each week that gives tips and talks about my personal struggles/successes. I think you're goals are realistic and that's the hardest part to come to terms with, I think. Good luck!! :-)

Nico said...

Wishing you all the best! I've still got some baby weight to lose, and I would love to get healthier too.

MyKidsMom said...

I hear you when you say you want to be the best you can be- I am a size 6-8, but still need to lose 10lbs...can I gripe for a minute?

(Assuming you will say yes!) I know I am NOT as healthy as I should be, sO when people say "I would be happy if I were like you" it actually frustrates me; it's not just about looking nice in what you wear, as we get older it's going to affect our health...and what we can and cannot do. I'm in this way of eating for a lifetime...except for the occasional cheat:)

Boy, the whole weight thing brings out the emotions in a woman! Good luck on your quest for the best you~

Southerner said...

You have been under so much lately! I know that it is so hard to consentrate on "you" during all the other. Great job on losing a lb. I saw your post on exercising- try to do lunges/squats/bicep curls/ shoulder presses/ jump rope/ run in place/ karate kicks/ etc. during the day. You may not be able to do a set time all at once but do it between the rest of your day. Pick the boys up and use them as a weight and lift them 15 times while you are standing. Then again like they are flying and you are on your back- go as far over your head without loosing them to get your shoulders and triceps.

We are off to the surgery in a few- keep her in your prayers!