Monday, April 7, 2008

Discovering the Will

To lose the weight that is. Every Monday as a tracker I will have a post about my weight loss. Sorry to bore my size 2 readers. Just kidding. Though anyone should feel free to skip right over this.

I have watched my eating patterns as well as my intake the last week. I am a stress eater. I love to cook and I also love to eat. Good food is a passion for me. I love carbs. I have been under tremendous amounts of stress to boot.

Right now, I am not getting to exercise on a regular basis. My kids are in to everything and I have to be right there with them at all times. I cannot take my machine into their playarea for obvious reasons. They are not napping and I have absolutley no time, since hubby is working 16-18 hours days. I might could get some in at night after they go to sleep. I do try and get out and walk with them in the jogging stroller when the weather is fit. However, Monkey has severe allergies and the pollen count seems to be over the top these days. This might limit getting out in the next few weeks. I hope by May 1 to be back on a regular walking schedule at the park track.

I do drink a lot of water. That is a plus. As a matter of fact I drink about 96 oz. a day. I hope to get back up to a gallon a day soon though. We have a Brita water pitcher and are going to add another one to our little family soon.

Starting weight (March 31) 197 pounds.
April 7 - 196 pounds

Total weight loss 1 pound.

Hope you all are having a great day and many blessings!!!!


MyKidsMom said...

As one carb lover to another...I find the older I get, the more I'm loving the food, especially my carbs!

And now for some shameless advertising (but not totally for myself): we would LOVE to have you join our weight loss club (via Mrs.Darling), it's really helping me to have the support. I didn't lose this week (first time in a long time; it's about that time for you-know-what) but it helps sharing the same goal...shameless avertising now ended:)

And I'm also glad to meet a fellow's rare I meet another "normal" mommy (versus the super-fitness kind) who drinks more water than I do (which is about 64-72oz). And I feel somewhat freakish NOT being a coffee drinker... though I do love my mint tea!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Marva.....I know you can do it! Ellie

KyliesMom said...

One pound, that's wonderful! Good job!

Mrs. Darling said...

Yeah Marva come join us!

I wish I could get that much water down!

chelle's winks said...

I'm with ya girl...My weight post are on Wed's. Good Luck!

Nico said...

I'm a stress eater too, and I wish that it was a habit that I could break! Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to read about all of your progress!