Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Tour ........Utility Room and Walk in Pantry

The clear plastic tub stores the boys
clothes that need to be ironed.

We find it very handy to have an extra fridge.

The boxes in the floor all contain canned stuff.
There is about 35 boxes in all.
I love this hanging area on the door for my
iron and supplies.

That concludes ( thankfully, you are all saying) this home tour. Thank you all for visiting and staying (hanging in there with me). Have a wonderful day! Blessings on you and your home too!


Southerner said...

I love to look at other people's homes! Thanks for showing us. Do you ever drive by houses at night and see their blinds are open and slow down trying to peek in. I am a peeking Tammy!

You know what you forgot? Where is my glass of iced tea- I didn't think I had to mention sweet since that is the only way we Alabama girls know how to make it.

I am going to do a tour as we get things redone a little more. I am anxious for summer to work on more projects and get everything like I want it.

Have a good day!

Niki said...

Oh I would love to have a pantry. I do have a basement where I keep a great deal of my canned goods but at times it would be good to have on one floor.

MyKidsMom said...

I really enjoy these kind of posts because it gives me ideas for my own home.

Just how many jars of canned goods do you have? I am definitely going to be pestering you later this year when I make my first attempt at canning:)

Mrs. Darling said...

Looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your home Marva! It looks so warm, comfortable, and inviting! Ellie

Mimi said...

Your utility room looks really nice. you're lucky to be able to fit an extra fridge in. I'm jealous!

Nico said...

Having a walk-in pantry is a dream of mine!!! We are thinking of moving the fridge to the other side of the kitchen, so I could have a little mini-pantry!

Taking your home tour has been so cool! How I wish we were neighbors :)