Monday, April 21, 2008

Two for Two

Last Saturday we went to the city to do some shopping (Aldi, Target and i can't remember where else). Anyhow, while gone monkey's allergies started getting worse. We were only 10 minutes from the peds weekend office, so I called and they saw us immediately. We walked out with a prescription for allergy eye drops and told to keep taking children's Claritin. Also a $30 co-pay. We were only 10 minutes from Sam's. I called and they told me they could do the prescription for $30. It would have been $50 anywhere else. So happy about that $20 saved!

Fast forward to this weekend. On Friday i noticed Monkey had swelling in his private area. By bedtime you could not see anything, he was so swollen! Saturday morning it was better and we went out to breakfast. We went to Wal-Mart and I changed the boys diapers. The swelling was getting worse. I called the after hours peds office and our very own Dr. H was on call! Yeah!!! So off we went and he examined him. When I titled it two for two I meant two doctor visits in two weekends BUT I also meant two surgeries for the same condition.

I have to call the surgeon this morning as the hydrocele is back (they call it a recurrence) and is worse than before. We hope to get this surgery done soon. Dr, H would not have a co-pay he felt so bad for Monkey. If you remember the other surgeries (he had two) were done February the 8th of this year. He goes to chruch with the surgeon (Dr. B). He was going to talk to him yesterday.

We did have a good weekend all in all. We went to breakfast Saturday, the doctor's office, Wal-Mart, CVS, had pizza with some out of town family Saturday night. Sunday morning we went to the early church service, picked up a couple of extra papers, I made biscuits and fresh strawberries for breakfast, had a surprise party for my mom's sister at 1 (at my Mom's house) and visited with out of town family.

The highlights were finding out Monkey would have to have one of the surgeries again. Then yesterday he disappeared. There were about 30 of us at my parent's house. They have a huge house. Everyone was getting ready to leave and I saw Tiger but no Monkey. We all started looking, after about 10 minutes hubby searched my Dad's bathroom. There he was flushing the toilet, over and over and over again. We were all so scared, but he is safe and sound!

Hope you all have a great Monday!



Nikki said...

I'm so sorry for poor Monkey. I hope this surgery fixes things for good. I'm glad that it did not ruin your weekend, though.

MyKidsMom said...

As if weekends weren't busy enough...hope they are able to help him permanently in this area. You really have had your share of problems (and more)in this area. Poor little guy.

I love the toilet flushing:)

Nico said...

My goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that your little one had to have surgery again. We'll all be praying for him :) Big hugs to all of you!

Mimi said...

Poor baby, he's been through a lot. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.