Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ironing is the chore that I enjoy (of course along with grocery and CVS shopping). I can relax while I iron. I prefer to iron during the boys nap or quiet time. It seems to be an outlet for frustration. I also can spend precious time praying while I iron. That is one thing I most enjoy about it. If I try to iron while the boys are up and about, I had might as well forget it. I am back and forth and might get 4 or 5 things ironed in 30 minutes. I usually can iron 30-40 items in 45 minutes.

I only iron church and everyday (good) clothes. I do not iron hubby's work clothes. Most of his shirts are company shirts that are wrinkle free. I iron all of the boys clothes or at least try to. They seem to bring more at the consignment shops and ironing seems to keep them in better shape. I also iron my good cloth napkins and table linens. Don't even ask when the last time I had a table cloth on. Maybe when the boys were 13 months? They kept pulling it off the table! LOL!

I do know people that iron sheets, work clothes, underclothes and even towels. Whatever works for you. mine are all okay a little wrinkled. I do iron my curtains (window treatments) though.

I love to iron. I don't know why but I do. I guess it is kind of a tension tamer. I even took ironing in when I was 19 and 20. My brother and sil were my best customers.

So what household chore do you enjoy the most? What do you iron?

If anyone can guess which household chore I absolutely despise I have a prize for you. Just post your answer in the comment section! Don't forget to add your favorite chore. Comments must be in by Thursday at 8 am central time to be eligible.

Blessings and happy ironing!!!


Anonymous said...

could it be dusting.. I hate to dust

MyKidsMom said...

Probably my favorite chore would be doing laundry...I know, I'm nuts! But I absolutely love the smell and look of clean clothing. Folding clothes I feel so-so about, and ironing even less...LoL.
If I'm really careful about my drying (like a lite load) I can often skip ironing some of the clothes...though I did pick up a nice little steamer at the thrift store last week:)

As for your least favorite job: I might say dishes, but everyone seems to have a dishwasher nowadays. So I'll have to think about this for a little while.

Southerner said...

My favorite chore would be to organize the cabinets or a drawer. I love to be able to see the progress from messy to organized, everything in a row, even if it won't stay that way.
I HATE to put sheets on the bed. I dont' mind making the bed, just puting sheets on. It doesn't help that my hubbie is OCD about how the sheets are perfectly spaced and the amount that is tucked in and hanging at your face. He drives me nuts!

I think you hate washing with all you had to do in your last post.

Nico said...

Hmmmm, I'm going to have to guess that your least favorite chore is Cleaning the Toilets, I don't like that chore at all.

I'm going to have to get Ironing Tips from you, that is one thing that I can not seem to get right. I even managed to break my ironing board during my last move, I think I might have an ironing curse on me ;)

Nikki said...

I enjoy folding clothes. I hate ironing! I cannot recall the last time I got the iron out; it's been at least a year. I try to get the clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle.

My guess is that you hate to vacuum.

Mimi said...

My favorite chore is washing and drying the dishes by hand. I have a dishwasher, but only use it sporadically. My least favorite chore is putting away laundry... or is it cleaning the fridge? I guess it's a tie, I hate 'em both equally. I think that your least favorite chore is probably cleaning the fridge and freezer.

Laura said...

I like laundry/ironing too! Although now I'm trying to buy things that don't need to be ironed because it's getting harder to find time to do it.