Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10 Spending

I went and had my hair highlighted. I was only 2 months overdue. See, I'm getting better! LOL! I also got another light trim. I also got some styling products.

Aldi for a few groceries $27.09

Mother's helper $22

Supper $5.77

Kohl's $46.86

Today's Total $168.72

Month's total: $2160.96


Today's total:

Monthly total:

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Mamaoftwins said...

OHHh I would love to get my hair highlighted professionally again. They charge over $100 for my hair so Im still plugging away at it myself. I worked in a salon for 14 years. I do my own now but Im getting to the point I really am going to need some help soon. Gray is really coming in faster these days. LOL My luck is going to wear out.

You should post a picture of your new "DO" :)