Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 7 Spending

Yesterday's spending was something I just prefer to hide. Maybe I should have done this next month.......LOL!

For those of you wondering how I did with the list, we got almost all it done minus 5 things. Yippee!

Now on to the spending:

We caved and ate at Jack's for burgers and fries: $13.85

Then I ordered tickets for a Singing for hubby's birthday: $44.40

Then I ordered birthday party decorations for the boys' birthday next month {{cringe}} $70.90.

Summer clothes (3 outfits each, swim outfit each and Easter outfit each) for the boys $ $117.30.

Ouch! Just wait until I post today's spending. We are ordering the boys actual birthday present.

total spending for the day was $246.45.

Total for the month: $1301.68. Yuck!

How are you doing with the challenge? Blessings!


Michelle said...

I L-O-V-E Jack's, I had never eaten at one until we went to Alabama on vacation this summer, I would have caved too. What did you order the boys? Do you dress them alike or same outfit different color? Take care.

Mamaoftwins said...

Yippie, Birthday stuff! My twins birthday are coming up too in March.In fact I just asked them today what they wanted. Its great your getting things ordered and thinking ahead though :)

Im doing okay on the challange so far. Didnt spend anything again today. I cut a bizzilion coupons and filed them which makes me want to go shopping and use them! I need to run to cvs, riteaid, and walgreens and get the free stuff before its all gone.

Marva said...

Hi Michelle! The boys had chicken fingers and fries with milk.

We dress them alike. I am having my fun before they get big enough to be independant. They actually get upset when they are dressed differently (pj's, ect.)


Marva said...

Hey Ellie! Great job not spending anything! Yes, you definately have to get that free stuff right away! ;)