Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 3 Spending

I think I should resolve to keep up with my spending for each day of February and to forget the challenge of NO spending. I am not doing so well. I currently am trying to loose weight and I only have one good pair of jeans until yesterday morning. For those of you that do not know....Desitin can and will bleach things. Let's just say my purchase of new jeans was justified. Being that I have a weird body shape and I am close to 6 feet tall, I am hard to fit.....the reason for the price! Oh and I saved $5.25 from a coupon code I found on line! Now, for the spending....

The total from the last couple of days was $484.03

Jeans $35.92
Mother's Helper $20.00

Hubby's new truck gas $33.00
Hubby food $6.23

Total today:$ 95.15
Total month: $579.18

I also got back $10 rebate check and got a refund on some other jeans $22.98.

That brought the month's total back down to $546.20.


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