Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6 Spending

Today was shopping day and it was complicated. I got a lot of stuff and we needed a bunch of it. I went to CVS first. I have two cards, mine and my Mom's. Here is what I got:

8ct. Fusion power razor blades $23.99

Fusion shave gel - free when you buy blades

2- 36 ct. cvs children's asprin-free after ecb

4 EARinse- free after ecb

2 instant energy shots (2pk.)-free after ecb

Old Spice deo on clearance $.75

4 Colgate kids toothpaste $10

2 Colgate 360* toothbrushes $5

12 pk. Kleenex BOGO

L'Oreal foundation $9.99

L'Oreal powder- free when you buy foundation

4 Glade candles $10

4 Glade plug-in refills $10

2-10ct. Excedrin vials-free after ecb

2 L'Oreal lip liners BOGO

2 Old Spice deo $5

Gillette shampoo $5.99

Lady Speedstick

2 Irish Spring bodywashes $5

1 Softsoap bodywash $2.50

1 Softsoap hand soap $1

2 Palmolive dish det. $1.94

Total was $239.30 before coupons and extra care bucks for all of it. I broke it into 5 transactions.

I had over $25 in manny coupons and a bunch of CVS coupons and then a bunch of extra bucks.

I paid $45.91 for all it!!!

On to Wal-Mart. I took back a baby monitior and a windsuit. I got $35.22 back. Here's what i got:

1 gal. Barber's ABC milk $4.42

Coffee $3.22

2 Honeycomb $3.96

filter for humidifer $4.96

boot scraper $11.97

kitchen towel $2 (gift, was on clearance)

kitchen rug $2.50 (gift, on clearance)

$33.03-$2 coupons+tax=$33.83 Nothing spent out of pocket! I still had $1.40 to apply to my CVS bill.

So groceries and h&b aid and stockpiling cost me $44.51 today.

On to bills:

credit card (working on paying off) $100

hospital bill $100

Water $43.54

Tithes $55

Home phone, cable and internet $129.23

Hubby: $4.51 (extra food and drink)

I forgot I went by Dollar General too.
foil and 2 letter coloring books reduced to $.50 each
Total $2.72

Today's total $479.51

Monthly total $1055.23

Blessings! How is your month going?


MyKidsMom said...

Nothing seems to drain the bank faster than those neccessities we wish we didn't have to buy. You've do an awesome job of taking advantage of good deals in this area.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

It looks like you did a great job! I need you here to do that for me! ha ha

Your candle is on its way! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Mamaoftwins said...

Great job on spending. I just love CVS. Love getting things for free or cheap.
Yippie, I would be happy to set up a Mr. Linky for a food savings challange for next week. Not sure how so Im off to check it out and the how to's :)
Ps.Us moms of twins are allowed to be either psyched or psycho. We've earned it :) lolol