Friday, February 20, 2009

I Almost Lost It

Thank you all for your input about the boys.

This will need to be quick as my nerves are shaken tonight. It has been a very long day. The contractor came with his help yesterday and sterted the boys play yard. hubby has been working awful hours and trav eling hundreds of miles a day on top of it. My Daddy is down in his back, the orchard work is getting quite tedious and it is hard work for a 75 year old man diown inhis back with still a sore face from cancer surgery. My Mom is down with her"nerves" and I am exhausted from taking care of everyone.

Tonight the contractor came up on the porch to talk about the play yard and them being able to finish it up tomorrow. I stepped outside with my hand on the door handle for the storm door, thinking that I would keep the boys from locking (it is a deadbolt) it. WRONG! They locked themselves in. I didn't have my cell and the contractor was just leaving. I caught him in the nick of time. After 20 minutes, a crow bar, hammer and screw driver we finally got it open. It will not lock now, but I got in and my boys are safe. Praise you Lord! I kept calm and didn't cry, but I was a nervous wreck.

Now, I know I owe some of you ( a lot of you) somethings (responses, emails, comments and award reception). It will be done before monday sometime. I am going to sit and hold my hubby for a while and enjoy my family this weekend. I hope you are blessed and safe!



Nico said...

Oh my goodness! You have had quite a week! I hope that tomorrow goes better :) Wishing you all the best!

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Cody has done the same thing to me MANY times!

Here is a helpful hint . . .

always have a key hidden somewhere that you can easily access it outside. This will really help!

Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness I am so glad that you got in. I sure hope health is restored to all of you really soon!

Mamaoftwins said...

Big hugs!! Im sooooo glad the boys are okay!
Ya know, in a couple of years when their older this memory will be funny. You know what they say about twins... What one doesnt think of, the other one does! You had two little minds working very fast and together. Little stinkers.
I wish I lived closer because I would be over there helping you.

I also have a key hidden.

God had His angels working hard at your house today so get a good nights rest :) Your in good hands.

ASHLEY said...

Hopefully, things will turn around for the better. I will post the chicken pot pie sometime this weekend...hope you have a great one!!!

Nikki said...

Sarah Beth has learned how to lock the door, and I am afraid that she will lock me out one day, too. I need to stash a key outside, but meanwhile I just take one with me whenever I go outside. Oh, it's hard!

Mamaoftwins said...

Just checking in to see how your doing today :)

MyKidsMom said...

Oh my goodness! Sometimes your boys remind me so much of mine when they were little; double trouble shall we say? It's very hard on a mother's nerves.

Hoping to see some pics of that play structure soon:) Hope the rest of the putting up goes smoothly.