Saturday, February 7, 2009

On Today's Agenda

We are getting ready to host 50-60 people in our home next Saturday, so we are busy doing home projects, tidying up and the usual things. We hope to fit a trip to the park in today since the temp is suppose to hit the 60's. Dinner is at 5 pm at my parents. We also will be attending a southern gospel singing with the boys at 7pm at a local church.

Run dw and unload
Wash front porch
Clean off front porch
Clean patio furniture
Haul two loads (6 round bales) of hay for the cows on the lower farm
Wash china on hutch
Polish hutch
Glue loose piece of flooring down in kitchen
Get brush up from edge of wood line
Get boxes and garbage up
Clean up extra "junk" from the back of the house
Take stroller to packing house
Take drill back to Sears
Fix plumbing door behind washer and dryer
Put up pantry organizer
put up radio under cabinet in kitchen
Clean off top of extra fridge
I have 6 loads of clothes to fold
I have 3 more to wash, dry and put away
make 2 gal. tea
order sheets for boys beds
clean off desk
fix vacuum
call CT and DJ
order party supplies for boys b'day next month
order their play set from Sam's

I think that is all! Wish us luck! ;)

How is your weather? What plans do you have today?

Have a great weekend! Blessings!


Mimi said...

Hi Marva,
Lots of rain here. I'm staying home, still sick and hope to get some housework caught up. I'm sure my kiddos will love helping!
Have a fun day out and about!
Hugs, Mimi

Mrs. Darling said...

How in the world are you going to do all that and still go to dinner and a singing! Yikes, You better run!

Mamaoftwins said...

Wow, what a list. You can do it!

Southern gospel singing ? Is that African american church singing because if it is I'll be there!! Im boarding the plane right now LOL I would LOVE to go to a church that sings like that. I grew up bapist where you sit with your hands in your lap and just nod. My DH went to a pentecostal church and the first time I went there it scared me to death but I fell in love with it.

My DH thinks I should take a picture of the sale ad, and coupons I'll be using and take a picture of the meals I make so people can see what Im using. I think I'll take a picture of the ingredients and everything I'll be using maybe for the entire day. Not sure yet. Im not sure about breaking it down to the ingredients. I'll have to see how much that entails. What do you think?