Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Monday Weekly Challenge

Today is the first day of the challenge over at Ellie's. I am keeping meal, dessert and drinks under$5 for 5 people. The 5th person (our Mother's helper, KK) will be over a lot this week, getting ready for the party this weekend.
Here is what is on the menu:

Hamburger pasta with mushrooms

Green beans

Cream Corn

Cornbread muffins

Honey baked apples

Iced sweet tea and milk

Now, let's break down the cost.

3/4# ground chuck $1.49 (reduced $1.99#)

hb helper $1 on sale -$.25 coupon =$.75

can of mushrooms from Aldi $.49

2 boxes corn bread muffin mix $.88-$.55 coupon=$.33

green beans (canned from garden)=free

cream corn (corn frozen from garden)=free

apples and honey (from our bees and orchards)=free

milk (for the boys 24oz.) $.75

iced sweet tea (24 count family size $1 on sale-$.50 coupon) (one box makes 8 gallons) plus sugar =$.25 for 3 lg. glasses full

milk for hb helper, muffins and corn $.50

butter for muffins and corn $.20

oil and salt for green beans $.15

Grand total: $4.91

I thought that was good. How did your first meal go? How low did you go?



ASHLEY said...


Mimi said...

That's great!
Just wondering-who's the 5th person?

Marva said...

Thanks girls! The 5th person is our mother's helper KK. Blessings!

Mamaoftwins said...

You did great! The meal looks yummy. I completely for got to take picture of my meal. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow :)

Okay, Im so envious that you have apples and honey!! Yummers!

Dina said...

Hi, that meal looks good. I particularly like the apples. I do come here every now and then through Ivy's blog. I don't know if I ever left a message. SO if you would like to get to know me and my family come visit our blog.

Nikki said...

I did not plan to do this with you, but circumstances have forced it on me. I've been stuck at home the past two days, and John has gotten (and will get) home too late for me to go to the grocery store. I won't be able to go until tomorrow night after supper. Oh, no! What will I feed the family?