Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 Savings

Here is my savings for the year past. Groceries include, paper products, groceries (of course), diapers, wipes, formula (the first 6 months of the year), cleaning supplies, health and beauty aides and over the counter medicines, ect.
I only shop on sale. I shop at Wal-Mart with competitior's ads. I use coupons. I love CVS. I shop there with my coupons, their coupons, Extra Care Bucks and sales. I get almost everything from there for free, usually. My savings reflect this as well.

January: $981.67 (We also bought a new vehicle and saved over $7000 on it).
February: $657.51
March: $789.84
April: $829.28
May: $981.54
June: $689.22
July: $781.31
August: $776.45
September: $494.41
October: $669.10
November: $908.48
December: $1012.11

That is a lot of change. I just wish I had it in my bank account.
Grand total withOUT the vehicle savings is: $9,570.92.


Nico said...

Wow!!! Your savings are so amazing! I wish we lived closer, I'd hire you in a second to be my personal shopper/saver :)

Nikki said...

I am truly impressed with your savings. I feel good to save $20-30 a week on groceries.

Marva said...

You are soooooo funny nico! Yes, It would be nice to have such a great friend as a neighbor! Are you guys coming to Talladega in April for the race? We only live about 1 1/2 hours from there.

Marva said...

Thanks Nikki! Thatb is good. I am just an over achiever! I work really hard at it. It ismy "job". However, it is sstill fun to walk out of the store and only have paid $4 for $40 worth of stuff!

Have a great day!

Ellie said...

Great job Marva.....very impressive! :) I wish we had a sounds like they really have some great deals. Ellie

mykidsmom said...

This is so awesome! I feel like a bit of a nerd because I am such a thrifty person. But I also think it is a talent- one you seem to possess. I tell my hubby if we ever get rich, I'll still shop the thrift and discount stores, but I'll just buy more from them. Lol

Marva said...

Thanks Ellie! CVS is really great! Lots of bargains too!

Marva said...

Thanks mykidsmom. I feel kind of nerdy too. That's okay though. I like how I save money for my family. It feels really good. I bet you're a great shopper! Thanks for the compliment!