Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You know (or most of you know) that I am a very honest person. I am quite real as well. These last few weeks have really been hard and quite daunting. God is supplying but I am just drained. Having one set of older parents to care for is difficult but 2 sets with a terminally ill one in the mix, is really hard.

I received an email from a "friend" ( blog reader) that simply wanted to 'remind" me of how "morbid" I had been lately. She seemed to be "worried" that I was detouring people from reading my blog. I was taken back at first and I really (still) am not sure what to make of her comments. So "friend" this is for you! I am a child of God, with a mortal's heart and soul. I am not perfect, nor profess to be. This blog was started a s a daily journal. For my life, to see where I've been and where I will go with Christs' help. The things I write about are VERY real and heartfelt in every way. I am sorry that you feel I am depressing you and making you down.

For those of you (or the one) that feels this way, I will pray for you. Please find someone's blog to replace mine for your reading enjoyment. These are the things important to me and that are actually happening in my life right now. I am so sorry that this lowly blog has brought you "down" and made you "so sad". Perhaps you could find comfort in the Psalms or other scripture of God's word.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". Phil. 4:13. I gather a lot of strength from this verse. I am just a sinner saved by HIS grace.

I hope you all continue to read I hope you find something in my blog that touches you in some way or another. One thing I do want to reinterrate, is that God is awesome......all of the time. I am one thankful child as well. How blessed I am that he is in control and not us mortals. I am looking forward to meeting my Father some day!



Ellie said...

Marva.....you are an inspiration! This is YOUR blog, YOUR thoughts, and YOUR feelings......write/blog about whatever you would like....you are not morbid OR depressing....you are handling your family situation(s) with courage and grace!I, for one, enjoying reading every day and am thankful for you and our friendship.....blessings and hugs to you....Ellie

Melinda said...

I am so sorry you had such a non understanding reader! All Christians know that the only perfect one is God! Everyone has days of being overwhelmed and stressed. If they say they don't, they are fooling themselves. There are so many people that can relate to you and your life. The difference between you and that reader is, you are putting your real life out there for others. And if it helps just 1 person cope with their own situation, than it is well worth it! I love reading your blog! You are a joy to read every day, and don't think any different. Keep on blogging! God Bless!

Marva said...

Ellie. Thank you, but I'm not sure about an inspiration. You are very dear to me. Thank you for everything.

Marva said...

Melinda, Thank you too for understanding. God is so good and I am just me. Blessings!

Mimi said...

Marva, I think that you are a very strong woman. You are such an inspiration to me. God Bless1

Nikki said...

I don't think you are depressing at all. I think you are writing about what's really going on in your life, and I appreciate your honesty. Please keep it up.

mykidsmom said...

There's a verse in the Bible that says "Bear ye one anothers burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." As christian brothers and sisters, I believe when we are going through a tough time, there should be others around to pray for and encourage us. And I think that is what has been the situation here. I, and many others that only know you through your blog, wouldn't know you need our prayers if you didn't share the things you have these last few weeks. And, at another time, it will be OUR turn to need prayer and encouragement. So please, still share with us what's going on. It's not dreary or depressing, it helps us to come out of our own selves, and remember that a fellow sister is hurting and needs us to help bear her burden. Our prayers are with you and your extended family. Take care.

Marva said...

Mimi, Nikki and mykidsmom, Thank you for your kind words. They really touched my heart.

You all have lifted my spirit and thank you for sharing my burdens. I am always hear for you (ALL). May his blessings flow over you all.