Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Boys Eating Habits

I have had a couple of people to email and ask what I feed the boys and how I get them to eat.
Well, I have one (Tiger) that eats everything in site and loves to try new things and gains very little. The other (Monkey) eats are very selective and gains more than his twin.

First they only drink milk and water. I had thought I was doing them an injustice by not getting them started on juices, however, the pediatrician and the pediatric dentist were quite proud.

They drink a cup (usually 6-8 oz.) of milk upon waking in the am. They have this with an early morning snack of cheerios. They then have milk with each of their 3 meals.

They have a cup of water at all times while playing and doing hands on activities.

Breakfast foods include:
waffles (whole wheat)
pancakes (whole wheat)
hm french toast (whole wheat)
cereal (usually Cheerios)
turkey bacon
venison sausage
little smokies

Lunch foods include:
whole wheat grilled cheese
whole wheat egg sandwiches
whole wheat turkey, ham, cheese, peanut butter, banana or roast beef sandwiches
veggie hot dogs, veggie chicken nuggets

Supper foods include:
whatever we're eating
Monkey usually has baked fish, veggie chicken nuggets, grilled fish or cereal. He will not eat fruit and / or veggies. The occupational therapist is working with us and him on this.

Snacks might include:
fruit, cereals, graham crackers, saltines and cheese, oyster crackers, yogurt, yogo's, veggie crackers, fruit rollups, pita chips.

We try to make sure everything is whole grain/wheat. Veggies are always served with dinner.

The boys do take poly-vi sol w/ iron to help make up for the nutrients they might be losing. monkey has a texture touch disorder, so some of it is medical and we are working on it. we do make both of them try a few bites of everything each meal.

So, what do your toddlers eat? Suggestions are always welcomed! Blessings!


mykidsmom said...

I'm afraid I am past this stage now, but I love to see a mom working so hard to feed her little children so healthy. Many people are surprised that my kids love almost all fresh veggies and fruits, along with wheat bread and ground turkey meats. But the truth is, that's what they've know since they were little. It's normal to them. And teaching them to drink good drinks (especially water)is so crucial. So many kids will only drink koolaid, pop, and juice. All of that to say "Good for you!" sounds like you're doing a great job~

Marva said...

Thanks you so mykidsmom! I can always use encouragement!