Thursday, January 31, 2008

February Menu Planner

Here is what I'm cooking for the month of February.
  1. Chicken salad on crescent rolls
  2. Enchilida Casserole, mexican corn pudding
  3. Spaghetti, salad, garlic cheese bread
  4. Slow cooker oriental chicken, rice and green beans
  5. Two step stroganoff, home frozen cream style corn and leftover green beans
  6. Chicken tortilla soup, chips and cheese dip
  7. Crock-pot hot dogs n beans, slaw
  8. OUT for Pizza (Monkey has surgery that morning)
  9. Ribeyes on the grill, salad and onion rings
  10. Creamy italian chicken, buttered noodles, green beans, sweet potato casserole
  11. Slow cooker layered enchildas, salad, mexican corn pudding
  12. Throw together short ribs, ranch style beans, potato salad
  13. Slow cooker lemon chicken, rice, green beans
  14. Valentine's Day and My Mom's B'day. Pizza with my parents
  15. Bacon wrapped fillet steaks, salad, twice baked potatoes
  16. OUT (Top O' River to celebrate Valentine's Day)
  17. Easy breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, hashbrowns
  18. Chili, cornbread
  19. Chicken n dumplings
  20. Salisbury steak deluxe, stove top mac & cheese, green beans
  21. Hot Dogs w/ special sauce, fries
  22. Rosemary cashew chicken, sweet potato casserole and green beans
  23. Corn chowder, cheese muffins
  24. Chicken burritos, salad, mexican macaroni
  25. Santa fe Soup
  26. Phillycheese steak casserole, corn and green beans
  27. Spiced Apple Pork roast, stove top mac & cheese, pink eyed peas, candied sweet potatoes
  28. Brunswick stew, hoop cheese, popovers
  29. Lasagne, salad, garlic cheese bread

Desserts: Minister's delight (apple dump cake), Chocolate chip shortbread cookies, Carrott cake w/ hm cream cheese icing, Strawberry pretzel salad, Strawberry cake w/ hm cream cheese icing

Hope you have have a blessed February!


IF said...

This is great! That chicken tortilla soup recipie sounds yummy too. I have been having more luck planning weekly menus, so I may sit down and try to plan the whole month. It would be great to be able to budget our meals out better and save more money.

Marva said...

Doing it monthly saves me some time by not having to do it 3 more times that month. I also can alternate weeks if needed and/or wanted.

Ivy, I can tell you it saves a ton of moolah! I love saving money. I like to post the planner on the fridge and if hubby wants to swap a night during the week for another then we do. I can still stick to my planner too.

Blessings on you!

Nico said...

Yummy menu Marva! Looks like another great month of meals :)

Marva said...

Thanks nico! I certainly hope they are yummy! Have a blessed day!

Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness girl, an entire month planned out? You're miles ahead of me! I dont make menu plans at all cause I never stick to them and my tastes are forever changing.

Nikki said...

I'm impressed that you can come up with a menu for the whole month. I've thought about doing that, but I just never get around to it. Maybe after we use up all the casseroles I've made for after this baby is born.

Marva said...

Mrs. Darling, I would not know what to do without a menu palnner with 2 wee ones. I would really be lost without it. Blessings!!!!

Marva said...

Nikki, It helps so much. I never have to worry about what we're having anf I have always have the ingredients on hand (at least for that month). It helps a lot with 2 small ones.


mykidsmom said...

I know your schedule is super busy right now, but I would love it if you could post some of your slow-cooker recipes in the future- they sound great. As for your menu- Yummy, wish I could eat at your house!

PS. My mom often made the strawberry-pretzel recipe for church potlucks. I haven't had it in SO long, think I'll try it soon. Thanks!

Mimi said...

Everything sounds delicious!

Marva said...

I will b e glad to ;post some of the recipes Mykidsmom, it just may
take a few days or a week or so.;)

Thanks for understanding. Come on over, there's plenty to go around!

The pretzel salad is one f Hubby's favorite!


Marva said...

Thanks Mimi! Blessings!