Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coupon Train

I and another reader (hi Nico!) friend belonged to a coupon train on a mom website. We lost all of our members except us 2. While that is great and lovely, I have a lot of coupons. I would like to start a train here on my blog. If you are interested please email me with your name, address and what coupons you need. We need 4 or 5 members. We will mail out on Monday mornings. 50 coupons. Your address will only be used for the train. This is a great way to get lots of coupons and give what you don't need. I hope to hear from you soon! If more than one train is needed we can make that happen to.

Blessings on your day!


Nico said...

The coupons train is a lot of fun, and it helps out with the grocery bill too :)

Nikki said...

what exactly is a coupon train? I may be interested.

Marva said...

Nico, do you want me to count you in? It does help save the $$$$$!

Hi Nikki! Say for instance there are 5 ladies. Each lady has another's address, everyone mails out 50 coupons on Monday to the address you are given and each of the five recevie 50 coupons (and everyone mails out 50 coupons). If the coupons are close to expiring replace them with fresh coupons. Each week you will mail out to the same address and receive from the same person (not the one you are mailing to though.)

I promise it is not as confusing as it seems. Let me know if you are interested or if you need any further info.

Nico, if you can explain it any better please help!!! Thanks ladies and blessings on you all!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Marva and all! I am new around here and would love to be included in the coupon train, I will email you my info =)

Marva said...

That's great Elizabeth. I'll be looking for it. I am going to try and get everything emailed out to everyone on Saturday.