Monday, January 14, 2008

DIY Haircuts and Manicure

My Mom and I gave the boys haircuts on Saturday and finished trimming up Tiger's today. that was $20 saved.

My nails were getting out of control so last night I gave myself a quick manicure, another $25 saved!

The boys actually did very well and my Mom is a pro at cutting littles hair. Thanks so much Mom! I am so blessed to have you!

Do you do your own hair, your kids, your nails?


mykidsmom said...

Last Summer my sis-in-law asked me to watch her two little ones so she could go have a full-treatment pedicure on her feet. When I saw the end result, I was a tad bit green with envy. There was NO way I was going to spend the $35. she did, so I picked up some nails and did them myself. They were incredibly easy. And I received so many compliments I actually kept them up for the rest of the summer. As for haircuts, I have tried to cut my boys hair, but it didn't turn out well. I found a shop for $7 each, but I'd much rather have a Mom who did it for free!

Nikki said...

I do not cut hair. I'm sure I would mess it up. Sarah Beth's is so curly, and she is so wiggly, that I don't think I could make it look halfway decent. I probably should invest in some trimmers for my husband's hair; he just tells the haircutter to use the longest guard. Surely, I could do that, right? I always do my own nails; I have not liked the manicure and pedicure that I have received. However, I would appreciate someone else cutting my toenails right now. They are so hard to reach!

Wheezymom said...

Since I have lost weight I save 50.00 every month on pedicures I can bend over and do them myself. lol

Mimi said...

I admit to cutting my own hair! It's all one length with bangs and it takes 3 minues to trim. Why pay 25.00 for that? I also trim my daughter's hair, but for hubby and son I just occasionally neaten up the sides and back until they can get to the barber. It's only $5 for son and $7 for hubby, so I can live with it!

Melinda said...

Great idea on cutting the childrens hair. I do trim my sons hair inbetween haircuts. It helps save an extra 2 weeks between trips to the barber. I have been wanting to learn how to cut his hair for a while, so 2008 may just be the year!

Marva said...

I'm the same way mykidsmom. I just cannot justify paying that kind of money when I can do it myself. Pedicure is next on my to do list. $7 isn't so bad, but I am blessed to have my Mom!

Nikki, I don't cut my hair either. It is so ,ong and I surely do not want to mess it up. I know you could do your hubby's! I get like that when I hit my 7th month with the gtwins. My Mom did them for me. I don't like other people touching my feet though! Hubby does great foot massages and I let him.

Blessings on your pregnancy!

Marva said...

That's awesome wheezymom! Congrats on your savings and your loss (weight that is)!

That's great Mimi! I don't do mine. It is so thick and long. It also has layers at the bottom. I go to church with my stylist. She is great, she'll come her to cut and/or highlight it. I am blessed for that!

Marva said...

Thanks Melinda! I say go for it. I am going to check out some books at the library on cutting hair and see if I can learn anything that way! Blessings!