Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doctors and More Doctors!

PTL we have great doctors for our family. However, I am kind of tired of seeing so many! Today Bulldog had an appointment for his back. Good news on that front, as all is well. Yay!
You know there is a but coming!

His knee is worse. His appointment was at 1:30 and we finally got to start home at 4:30. That was after an MRI. The doc seems to think that now he has a tear in the meniscus. That would probably mean surgery. We gladly welcome this (as crazy as that sounds), if it would reduce the pain and swelling. We should get the results tomorrow or the next day.

Monkey's bark is better, but now he has a full blown cold. He is coughing and has the most terrible runny nose. I hope the croup is at bay! I have not mentioned this yet ( I don't think)but when we saw the doctor for his viral infection (last Monday), he was also diagnosed with a hernia. it is pretty severe and his private area is so swollen! We meet with the surgeon next Tuesday and then he will have surgery following the consulation and examination (probably the following week).

Our lives are never boring. I think I could actually enjoy boring, you know?!? Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

See you tomorrow! Blessings ALL!


Nico said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon. Sometimes I feel like we live at the Doctor's office too... This month I have already taken my hubby in, and in 2 weeks its Dylan's turn, then it is Thade's check-up. Lots of visits, and 2 include shots, not too fun.

Mimi said...

I hope that your hubby's knee gets taken care of. There's nothing worse than knee pain! I had a knee injury last year and it was unbearable for a couple of months.I'll be praying for your little ds as well, and for you, I know how stressful all this can be to us moms. Hang in there!

Nikki said...

The older I get, the more I like life to be boring. I like boring days when nothing exciting (like car wrecks, big messes, huge bills) happens. I like a boring husband who comes straight home from work every night. I like a boring pregnancy. I understand your desire for boring!

Do you have a good stash of Puffs Plus with lotion? The three of us are getting over colds, and the only thing that keeps our noses from getting chapped from all the wiping is Puffs Plus with lotion. They're more expensive but worth it!

I wish we lived close enough to get together for a playdate. That would be fun!

mykidsmom said...

Your little guys are adorable! I am fighting the one-more-baby bug, and looking at your pictures isn't helping! The worse thing is when your babies are sick, that time when they can't really verbalize what hurts and such. It's much easier when they can give you a clue. Here's hoping everyone gets to feeling better soon- boring is good!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well I wouldnt welcome boring unless it meant boring as in no sickness. And thats the kind of boring wishes I bring to your hosue to day. Hope everyone gets better soon.
I have to say I pity your husband. My daughter had to have knee surgery and shes never been the same since. I do so hope he doesnt have to go that route. But then again if thats the only way to get relief from pain than thats the way it will have to be.

Prayers and hugs.

pdo said...

WOW...I think you are ready for some boring...calm quiet days...Prayerfully, Pam, South Bend

Marva said...

Thanks nico! Blessings on your family!

Thanks Mimi. Ya, kind of stressful at times. God is good though!

I agree Nikki! Ya, we have the Puffs w/ lotion. Usually get them for next to nothing at CVS. That's a blessing in itself!

Marva said...

Thanks mykidsmom! We think they're pretty cute! ;)
Boring is good! Blessings on your decision. I want one more, but that one is up to the one upstairs. We are not trying. We had a hard time with my pregnancy and the boys have been sick since birth (in one fashion or another). We'll see!

Marva said...

That's what I'm talking about Mrs. D! It's been a LONGGGGGGGG 21 months. They are a blessing though!

This would be hubby's 3rd knee surgery! Thanks Mrs. Darling, you're a dear!

Marva said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate the prayers!