Thursday, January 10, 2008

Answered Prayers

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. You are all too sweet.

The doctor finally called back. He said if Monkey had a high temp (104 +), vomiting and /or started acting like he was uncomfortable or in pain then it's urgent (meaning emergency surgery). He is/has not had those things so we wait until Tuesday. He acts fine, but the swelling really had me concerned. I love the boys doctor. He is so good and calls back himself.

We went to my parents about 12 and got home about 5:30. The weather got pretty bad for awhile. Tornadoes watches and one warning. The wind gusted to 70 mph at one point. We stayed in the basement when the hail started. All is well and no injuries. Lots of funnel clouds around. Please pray for all of those effected by the tornadoes.

God bless you all. Have a wonderful night!


Nico said...

I'm glad to hear that you are all safe and sound. I hope that your son is feeling better soon. Big hugs to you all :)

Nikki said...

We're far enough east that your storm came through just as rain for us. Rain which we desperately needed. I'm glad that all of you are safe. It sounds like you have a good doctor; that's wonderful.

Marva said...

Thanks nico and hugs to you too!

Hi Nikki! We needed the rain too. Thanks. He is great.