Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday!!

Today is a busy day. Here goes nothing or maybe everything!

Pick up Mother's helper CHECK

get ready CHECK

gym and walk CHECK

consignment shop, get check CHECK

bank CHECK


Wal-Mart CHECK


Dollar General DO THURSDAY



supper CHECK

make tea CHECK

clean up both play rooms HALF CHECK

clean out guest bedroom DO THURSDAY

take down Christmas tree and decorations DO THURSDAY

clean off front porch CHECK

clean up and out Durango (no washing it.......high is 32) DO FRIDAY?

vacuum CHECK

bathe children CHECK

finish card organization DO THURSDAY

organize the boys snack cabinet DO THURSDAY

clean out desk drawers CHECK

make tax appointment DO THURSDAY

clean out 2007 file cabinet and make for 2008 CHECK

Change sheets on our bed and the boys cribs CHECK

YES, I know how much that is. What I do not finish will be Thursday's to do. Let's see how fast I can go. My helper will be here from 8-3 Wednesday and Thursday. The extra money that I make from Ebay and the consignment shop pays for my help when I need her. thank you Lord for all blessings!


Nico said...

My goodness, you have another busy day ahead of you. I wish I had your energy, you get so much done.

Mimi said...

I've been going non-stop since christmas Eve, so I know how you feel. Once you slow down you can't get the momentum back. Go Marva!

Nikki said...

did you get it all done yesterday? I can't imagine having a to-do list like that; I would be so overwhelmed that I wouldn't even be able to start!

My appt with the doctor was fine. I feel so good with this pregnancy that going to the doctor is more of an inconvenience than anything, especially now that I need to find someone to keep Sarah Beth for me. Soon I'll have to start going every week. Ugh!!

Leigh said...

If that were my to-do list,
I would go back to bed. LOL

Marva said...

Nico, I just make myself..Thanks though.

Mimi, Hang in there and go! I agree, I can't sit until it is done.

Marva said...

Nikki, I got almost all of it done. Nah, I try to ignore getting overwhelmed. I've always pushed myself. It just makes me stronger.

Glad your appointment went well.How blessed you are to be able to carry your baby so easily. I was high risk with the twins and my heart condition. The they were 2 months early. Just take it all in stride. Blessings on you friend!

Hi Leigh! Thanks for stopping by and giving me a good laugh! With 21 onth old twin boys.....no time to go back to bed. Trust me i do think of it often. Especially since hubby gets up at 3:45 am every am. When he's up, so am I.

Blessings on you! I'm going to stop by and check out yours soon!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hopeing you got everything done. Believe me I know all about to do lists that need done in one day but really will take 30!!

Marva said...

Isn't that the truth Mrs. Darling?!

I could use a good 30 to get things back in order. Maybe by the time we start harvesting!