Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Does Contentment Mean to You?

Does it mean you have to have your hair and nails done very week, the perfect tan, the designer clothes and live in a mac mansion? Does it mean that you have to find the right bargains and live frugally on a set budget? Does it mean you have to have the latest gizmo to keep up with the Jones's? Does it mean to have this and do this and have a certain type friend and go to church with certain type people? Does it mean balance and organization? Does it mean knowing that you're raising your kids in the admonition of the Lord? Does it mean that your hubby and you are still married and have been through _ _ _ _ together and still love each other? Does it mean to know where you are in the Lord Jesus Christ and where you're going when you depart this earthly home? Is it knowing that your children are healthy after a rough start?

Where is your contentment? What does it mean to you?

I ask these questions of you, not to preach to you, but to help me find out for myself. What does it mean to me?

It seems like I get every catalog and sales paper know to man. When I go shopping I always want more. I always see something I think I need. Why is it along as I am home and have my mind on the right things what I have is fine. It is enough. As soon as I flip through magazines, catatlogs or even go get groceries I "need" that or that.

Thre are many things that I want, but not because I actually need them. I think if I cut down my trips to the stores (even to Wal-Mart) that would help. Do you ever feel this way?

I am so confused though, about how people define contentment. In this uncertain world we live in, I am finding more and more contentment in the Lord. He's always there and had never forsaken me. The clothes fade and tear. Friends fail you. Homes burn (sometimes) and deterorate. He is there......always.

I find contentment in being organized. I love my lists and things nice and neat. I love clothes washed, dried, folded neatly/ironed and put away. I love knowing what is on my to-do list for the day. My calendars and planners are looked at everyday.

I find contmentment in knowing my bills are paid. I love knowing that our ahome and vehicles are paid for. I love paying cash for things. I love being a saver (that is not happening right now though).

I love growinf my own food and living on the farm.

I also find contentment in my my family. I have swesome parents, wonderful children and a terrific hubby.

We live in a double wide manufactured home and I love it. I mainly love it because it is ours and paid for. You can go to the home tour label for pics.

Everyone defines contentment differently. What makes you content? Where does your lie? Please comment on this even if you never have left a comment here before.

I am having A RANDOM drawing for a book called Find More Time by Laura Stack. It is a great read. Please leave a comment on the subject above and I will let one of the twins draw a name on Monday (8:01pm). Comments will be closed at 8pm (central time) Monday night.



Mimi said...

To me contentment is being able to spend time with my family. it's finding happiness in the every day things- a nice hello from a stranger, petting my dog, the sunshine, my childrens smiles, my husband's laugh, a good book or a blog article. There is really nothing that I must have or need to feel content. It's just there, inside me, an acceptance and enjoyment of my own life, just the way it is now.

Nikki said...

A short definition of contentment for me is "being at peace despite what is going on around me."

A longer definition would be knowing that the house is clean and neat, my family well-taken care of, and spending time with them. I also really enjoy it when my children are not fussy. Nothing seems to destroy my contentment like a fussy child!

Mrs. Darling said...

Contentment of course is found in knowing Jesus first and foremost.

Contentment follows when one knows they are living their lives just as God has ordained them. Contentment is knowing that I guided one little soul closer to his God today. Its singing evening hymns in the glow of the nightlight by my childrens beds. Its arms around me. Its kisses and laughter.

True contentment is found and embraced even in the midst of hardship. Its just that deep knowing that I am blessed and the my God reigns.

Contentment and peace go hand in hand. Have you ever heard the childrens song Peace is when the wind stops blowing?

Here are the words.

Peace is when the wind stops blowing, peace is when the sun is showing,knowing that my Daddys home, God gives me peace.

Peace is when Im tucked in bed, when my mommy pats my head, peace is smiling when I sleep, God gives me peace.

peace peace, I think I understand, peace peace is holding Jesus hand.

Now doesnt that about say it all?

wheezymom said...

To me contentment is knowing that 2 years ago my life and health were on the line and that I had to change my life and health to be content. My life is content knowing that I have Lord in my life and he has never let me down, I have a loving husband of 33 years 2 beautiful daughter and 6 wonderful grandchildren that mean more to me than anything beside my Saviour.

Now that my life and health have improved I can ask for nothing more. I need nothing more I have it all. Material things mean nothing to me.

lisa said...

Contentment means different things at different times, kind of like what you mentioned in your post. When I am at home, I am content with my clean house, paid bills, and smiling children. When I go out, say to Wal Mart or the mall, I get this horrible case of the wants, and nothing I have is good enough. I have really been trying to work on that, because yesterday I noticed that it really makes me sad when this happens...

...although I still really want the new set of pots and pans at Wal Mart :-)

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

I am not commenting to enter the drawing, but simply to comment.

Contentment - I am content when all of my children are healthy and happy. I am content drinking a nice warm cup of coffee. I am content while working through a Beth Moore Bible Study.

Southerner said...

After 20 years of marriage and 5 kids I can tell you that Paul's words are becomming more and more real to me. He said he had learned to be content whether rich or poor and in whatever circumstance he was in. I feel that I have grown so much in that area and God has allowed things to come to strengthen my faith in Him. When we were using over 50% of our income and paying 2 house payments for 15 months when we moved I was truly stretched. Having $300 a month for food to feed 7 IF I STAYED VERY FRUGAL IN ALL OTHER AREAS and not having a back up really showed me just how much(or not) I was trusting God to provide. Contentment is not having everything in order. It is not having well behaved kids. It is not having money for everything. I don't think all of those things will ever fall in place at one time. If so, is God working in your life? We are constantly being trained and grown through our experiences to be more like Jesus. Every time something happens pray about it but also keep in rememberance that God uses each thing for a purpose of either training us or for others to see us and be drawn to Him- things may be for the benefit of others.

So, contentment for me is to be able to accept the struggles, to experience the pain while still believing, not allowing my thoughts to feel defeat. Contentment is enjoying the good with the bad. Not expecting perfection. Am I always "happy" to struggle? NO! But it is allowing yourself to walk in areas where you do not see God working or feel God's love and holding on to your faith of what His word says. Many times I don't feel truth at the moment but can just make the decision to believe anyway.You have to know God's word and hide it in your heart. When you are lied to and your thoughts go astray, you cannot rely on what you feel. You go back and remember what God's word says or dig into it for more. God never changes, you can count Him acting upon His promises. Contentment is knowing He is your saviour, your protector,and your provider.

You mentioned about contentment being knowing that your are raising your kids in the abmonition of the Lord. It reminds me that there is a contentment that comes when you realize that you can only guide and help to train your kids but ultimately God is the one that draws them and pricks their heart when they have done wrong or need to step up. I have struggled with feeling so much weight over my children. I am learning that I can only do my part and have to be able to let go enough for God to work in them. Not to blame myself for their decisions. To be content when they are not doing what I want them to do. To trust their lives to God. How many hours have we all spent worrying over mistakes we make when we see them struggle to live right and make wise decisions?

The tighter we hold to schedules and rules and expectations the less content we seem to be. It is when we learn to let go of the ropes that we can breathe again. If feels as if we are jumping off a cliff to let the ropes go, but when we begin to fall we feel the arms of God reach out and catch us. He gently whispers, "I have you. I am going to take care of this. Don't worry anymore."

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I find contentment in my family, our simple life, in feeling at the end of the day that I've been the best wife, mother, and friend that I can be... If we look outside ourselves, we could chase contentment all our lives and never "find" it...

Great subject, Marva!


mamacantrix said...'s a thinker for you. I suppose I think of contentment as an unshakable peace that defies circumstances. That said, I have to admit that I'm not always there. I have to consciously quiet myself and allow things around me to fall into let my awareness re-attune to the undeniable truth that my soul knows.

In a more superficial sense, contentment is something I strive for. My picture of it is not having to worry about money for basic needs, like groceries and utilities. It is not having debt. It is having the freedom to save for lean times, and to be generous when I see a need. It is being organized to an extent that my chores are done and I am free to enjoy my kids without thinking of what I should be doing. It is time for quiet that allows me to enjoy the noise of family and friends. It is being secure in the knowledge that I have been faithful with what I have been given and I am free to celebrate the abundance that comes from God's grace and to share it freely.

Southerner said...

I posted my answer on my blog and received a comment that I hope I did not offend the person. I just want to let all of you know I was sharing what I feel I have been learning and not to take away from anyone's feeling of contentment. I know exactly what the feeling is and can name those times when I feel it. I was trying to share that Paul said he was content in all circumstances and I am learning to follow that example and that by that definition contentment isn't a feeling but a place we are in when we give it all to God and just obey what we are to do. Sometimes it hurts and you don't have the "feeling." If I offend anyone please forgive me- I do not mean that at all! I am a horrible communicator.

Marva said...

Holly, you are fine. Sometimes people misunderstand too. You are a great source of inspiration for me. Please keep up the great work!