Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Today

There is much going on today in our church, but without me and the boys. They both feel kind of bad today. Tiger has a runny nose and cough and monkey has that sick "look" in his eyes.

It is cold and windy and rainy and we are suppose to see snow showers here soon. Too damp for us to get out today.

Daddy has went to late service. Our ground breaking for the new church building is at 2:30pm. The Thanksgiving dinner to feed the county's hungry is at 4pm and I am suppose to sing with the choir for that, but i will not be going. Then the county wide church singing starts at 5pm and I will be home by the fire singing carols to my babies, anticipating the season ahead.

So, what is your Sunday holding? is it cold and rainy where you live? Have you seen snow yet?

Sunday blessings!!!


Nico said...

I hope that you and your family feel better soon. It is cold and snowing here today too.

Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

Oh I hope the boys are feeling better soon. Sorry you have to miss all the festivities today. Enjoy the time at home snuggling up with your little ones.