Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on My Eyes and My Daddy

First and foremost my Dad is doing well, after a bleeding incidence last night from the incision.
They will not know anything until the pathology report comes back. Please continue to pray for his healing and a good report.

On to me now. My eyes hurt, I mean they ache like noboody's business. The eye doc suggested refraining from computer and tv time to rest my eyes. They are inflammed, irriatated and have cold and infection in them. Also, she said there is some signs where the pink eye had been. Lovely! Also, I have severe dry eye issues. After the co-pay for the doc and then the $60 eye drops ($190 without insurance). I also had to get some magic mouthwash ($12) for the thrush (from the antibiotics a few weeks ago). They feel some better but not much this morning.

I am still reading blogs and keeping abrest of the latest developments but not commenting. I hope to be back to my old seeing self ina few days.



Mimi said...

Hi Marvea,
My eye infection came back this week, too. I use an antibiotic gel for my eyes. It can be very painful! A warm wash cloth brings relief for a few minutes.
I'll be praying for you that your eyes improve.
I've been praying for your dad, too.
Take care,

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hugs to you, dear, hang in there!

aprilly said...

aww poor you. My friend read on about a surgical process which he is considering called punctal plugs. Fortunately the over the counter medication Im taking seems to work for me. Hope your situation gets better.