Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas List 2008

Our Christmas list rarely changes, but I still need to get it on paper since there is so many on it. This year my mother-in-law is not here to celebrate with us, nor is my husband's dear Aunt Linda. You both are missed!

I wanted to list everyone for you and then in a later post I will describe our budget and outline it for you. It seems as though we would go into debt buying for all of those on this list, but not so.

The good thing is that most of our shopping is done. I will do my parents shopping for them (to us) on Black Friday. My Mom dislikes shopping, so she lets me do it.

Here goes......
1. Daddy
2. Mother
3. my bro and sil (age 40's)
4. nephew 1 (age 16)
5. nephew 2 (age 10)
6. Cousin B. (woman, 50's)
7. Aunt P.
8. Uncle J.
9. A.G. (cousin age 6)
10. Aunt M.
11.cousin D. (age 40's)
12. D's hubby S. (same as above)
13. GMS & GDS (90's)
14. CT (50's)
15. Miss JJ (early 20's)
16. hubby's Dad (80)
17. Ronda (40's)
18. Matt (40ish)
19. J.J. (early 20's)
20. Amanda (same as above)
21. Dakota (same as above)
22.Kayla (17)
23. Sharon (40's)
24. Richard (same as above)
25. Abby (11)
26. Andrew (early 20's)
27. Melissa (same as above)
28. Sandra (40's)
29. Kerry (same as above)
30. Anthony (early 20's)
31. Nicole (same as above)
32. Gavin (5)
33. Ava (2)
34. Deb & Rocky (50's)
35. Sky (15)
36. Uncle J. (70's)
37. N. (late 20's)
38. Miss. KK (16)
39. B.J. (50's)
40. C.J. (14)
41. D.J.(50's)
42.Carter (2)
43. Claire (2)
44. Leah mid 30's)
45. Kevin (same as above)
46. post lady
47. hairstylist and hubby
48. Pastor and his wife
49. friend k. (30's)
50. Ms. K (boys teacher)
51. the pharmacy
52. Tiger (son......age 2)
53. Monkey (son.....age 2)

That is quite a list! Leave me a comment how you would shop for my list. Your budget is $700. You may include homemade gifts for only 10. Now, I will leave the comments open for 36 hours, through Wednesday. Thank about it and leave your comment. I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday night at 8pm. The winner will receive Dawn Hall's, Fun, Fast, Festive Christmas Cookbook, along with a Christmas present (that part is a surprise). So, what are waiting for .......get a thinkin'!



Nikki said...

Marva, I have no idea how I would shop for so many people. Well, yes, maybe I do. Giftcards!

ditarae said...

OK, you really do have a job ahead of you! I would do some fabulous baked goods, cookies or homemade candies for those unrelated to you--post lady, stylist, pastor, teacher, Rx, etc. Then I would decide what I want to get for my boys, and deduct that $ from the budget from the beginning. Just take them out of the mix, as you would expect to spend more on them than others, most likely. For the other wee kiddos on the list, I would get a small gift; no need to spend a ton of $ when they're usually happy with something small. For your mass of other giftees, could you do family gifts? A gift card to each family's favorite restaurant, store, movie passes, etc? Of course, if each person "expects" to receive an individual gift, that could be tricky. BUT, given the economy, it could be a time to make a change in how a large, extended family handles gift-exchanging. I love to give/make gifts, but I've learned that sometimes you have to reign things in and make some adjustments to the process, since people keep having babies and it would never, EVER end! OK, this got long, didn't it. You're so creative, Marva, and thrifty, that I bet you already have a detailed plan and are just watching to see how the rest of us bozos bumble our way through such sagas--ha ha!!! Enjoy your day, friend. I hope you feel better so soon!

MyKidsMom said...

I'll have to think about this one (I know, that's what I always say;) I definitely don't have nearly as long a list. But I have most of my children's gifts from the thrift store (with tags or like-new condition) or clearance already. Sounds like a great book you're giving away.

I loved your comment on "mykidsdad." Maybe that'll be his new handle:)

Mrs. Darling said...

Id probably spend a day online and order it all. Do they give you a wish list?

Lisa said...

I am big on gift baskets. Take your boys' gift budgets out first, then the ones that you would give homemade gifts to, then look at who would like to receive a gift basket. This year for my SILs and their families (with small kids) they are getting family game night baskets, with board games that go on sale Black Friday, along with snacks/drinks on sale or free within the next couple of months. I get the baskets at the thrift store. Someone who likes to garden? Put together a garden basket with tools, gloves, and maybe some of your great canning recipes for their bounty. A womans devotional basket is always a fun idea, with notecards/bible verses, a pretty pen (maybe with your Walgreens or CVS overage), some nice tea, maybe even a nice tea cup (again from a thrift store, with no chips etc.)

Baskets are fun, because you can really personalize them to fit the recipient!

Michelle said...

I have almost as many people to buy for and my budget is about the same. For couples such as my three brothers & their spouses I do a movie basket with microwave popcorn, a bag of M&Ms, a bag of Reeses Cups and a movie, I spend around $25-$25 on these. For the pastor, teachers, postal worker, hair stylist and so on I would fill tins from Big Lots with baked goods or some of the mixes that you make. Older grandparents always get a framed photo of my sons or a small photo album with pictures from our year. Children under 5 I usually shop at the Dollar Tree for coloring books and I buy extra crayons when school supplies are on sale in August to add with it. Older nieces and nephews I give gift cards, this year they are getting a plastic cup that I'm putting their name on filled with candy (on sale after halloween)and later they can use it for a pencil holder in their rooms. For the parents I would give a gift card to their favorite place to eat or make them a framed picture of the boys hand prints. These are a few ideas that I have used in the past and will be doing this year, it's a lean year for us. Remember, the less you spend on a gift wrap it with twice as much effort!

Take Care

Marva said...

Great tips so far ladies! Thanks you!

The answer to your question Mrs. D, is no they do not give a wish list. We know them all very well though, so that doea make it a little easier.

Keep'em a comin'!


Mimi said...

I would spend the most on my parents and family members and try to give something that would remind them of me. maybe some nice throws, a book or cd they would like, framed artwork made by the kids,an engraved ornament or keepsake, a favorite framed poem, or something for their home.
For friends, i would give a small dollar amount gift certificate and an I.O.U.,like IOU a free night of babysitting, a girls night out, a lunch date, a movie together-something that is bonding you together. For business friends and those that service your family, I would give something like a fast food gift book, an ornament, or a card with $5 or $10 in it.
Hope this helps!
Have a fabulous day with your guys!

Nico said...

WOW!!! That is quite a Christmas list :) I hope that you have a fun time shopping though :)

I love to give DVD's and you can never go wrong with gift cards to a favorite coffee shop or favorite place to eat.

For the girl's in our family I like to put together a spa kit. This year I found really cute manicure sets at Dollar General for just $1.00, so those definitely made it into the spa kits. For the guy's Flashlights are always a good gift, you can always use one of those.

IF said...

Hi Marva! I wish I had some great ideas but my mind has been all over the place today!
I remember one year a while back for non-family presents: I did chocolate covered pretzels and those yummy ritz crackers- you know where you spread peanut butter between two ritz and then dip in chocolate- for everyone and got them a special ornament or a small little thing I thought they would like. I dipped the pretzels in milk chocolate and then made them pretty with melted white chocolate.
Then for family members I set a $20-30.00 budget and bargain shopped. I also added some yummy treats to family presents. I don't know how we will manage it this year! It is going to be tight for us. I need to start setting a budget :) Hugs to you! Blessings!