Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sickness All Around

After weeks and weeks of having the sinus ickies, it is still lingering. I feel all yucky this morning. My eyes are still bothering me a good bit as well.

The boys still have a slight cough and runny nose and I know if they were in daycare/pre-school it would be much worse!

Hubby threw his back out yesterday somehow.

My Uncle V and his wife, Aunt B have been in the hospital. He has lung problems (from dealing with asbestos) and now pneumonia. She has no use in her right hand or arm due to nerve damage. Her arm just hangs. She now has cancer in that shoulder. They will be testing her to see if it has spread.

My Mom went to the lung specialist yesterday and is doing much better (I am happy to report!).

My Daddy will see the neurosurgeon tomorrow (he will have tests in the am) afternoon to finally have a diagnosis of what the spot is on his brain. We are praying that it has disappeared altogether!!! Hubby's sister, Ronda is coming to stay with the boys so I can go with them. A big thank you to Aunt Ronda!

Thank you all for your praying and uplifting. I hope you are all well! Many blessings!!!

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Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness girl your life is fraught with sickness. You all need someone to come and annoint your entire household or something. I do hope you start feeling better soon. It gets so old and tiresome to be sick. My heart just goes out to you. Did you decide what to do about Thanksgiving Day? Im answering this through google and it only shows one post at a time so maybe you already answered that in the post before this. I'll go check.