Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas List 2008 Completed

Thank you all for your great comments!!!! You all had wonderful ideas and many I had never thought of. Monkey drew the random winner and it was DITARAE !

Email me your mailing address and I will get your book and gift out to you. The "gift" is a surprise!

Here is the updated Christmas list and how we make it work. We have a budget for gifts of about $700. Now, that does not include stamps, cards and food things that are for meals.

1. Daddy- fav lotion (free from CVS), pop-corn tin ($5), Brita water pitcher (clearance at CVS $2.99), framed 8x10 picture of my little family ($5), photo calendar ($10)

2. Mother- fav lotion (free from CVS), pop-corn tin ($5) Brita water filters on close out ($11), framed 8x10 picture of the boys ($5),

3. bro & sil- lg. box of chocolate covered cherries ($3), framed picture of the boys ($3)

4. nephew 1- homemade cocoa mix($2) , smores camping set ($4 clearance at CVS), $25 Team Fever gift cert. ($14.19 w/ online code)

5. nephew 2- homemade cocoa mix ($2), smores camping set ($4 clearance at CVS), $25 Team fever gift cert. ($14.19 w/ online code)

6. cousin-B framed pic of the boys ($3), Yankee candle ( it)

7. Aunt P.-B&BW Rice Shea and Flower body spray ($3.75 on sale w/ coupon)

8. Uncle J.- 2 crossword puzzle books ($2 Dollar Tree)

9. A.G.-NBA coloring book ($1 Dollar Tree), Tow Mater Crayons ($.25 part of 4 pk. from Dollar Tree)

10. Aunt M.- framed pic of boys ($3), Fresh vanilla body splash (onsale w/ coupons @ B&BW, $3.75), eyeshadow (free CVS)

11. cousin D.- doggy gloves ($3.00), Mulberry candle (on sale $2.50), eyeshadow (free CVS)

12. D's hubby S.- smores camping kit (CVS clearance $4)

13. GMS &GDS- photo calendar of boys ($10), 5# oranges ($3)

14. C.T.-serling silver NIP snowman charm pin/brooch ($1 yard sale), magnolia bath set (Wal-Mart clearance $2.50), book ($1 Dollar Tree)

15. Miss J.J.-scarf ($1 Dolllar Tree), photo ablum (Target clearance $2), 3 pc. bath gels ($1.50, Wal-Mart clearance)

16. hubby's Dad- 1/2 gal sorghum syrup ($3), $20 cash

17. Ronda-lipstick (free CVS) brag book w/ pics ($3)

18. Matt- smores camping kit ($4)

19. J.J.-smores kit ($4)

20. Amanda-Victoria Secret rush lipgloss set (free from last year)

21. Dakota- smores campfire kit ($4)

22. Kayla-liggloss ($.50 clearance from CVS), coconit lime gift set ($2.50) clearance from Wal-mart, wild eyes shadow (free from CVS)

23. Sharon-lipstick (free from CVS), brag book w/ pics ($3)

24. Richard-smores campfire set ($4)

25. Abby- High school musical pencil case ($1 clearance from Wal-Mart), 3pc. lip balm set ($1.50), Lip Smacker's nail and lip set ($1 clearance from CVS)

26. Andrew-smores campfire set ($4)

27. Melissa-Victoria Secret glove and hat set (free from last year), Burt's Bees lotion (free-re-gifting)

28. Sandra-lipstick (free from CVS), brag book w/ pics ($3)

29. Kerry-smores campfire set ($4)

30. Anthony-smores campfire set ($4)

31. Nicole-candle (yard sale find $2), monogramed pillow ($1 yard sale find)

32. Gavin- Hot Wheels bath set ($2 clearance at Wal-mart)

33. Ava-My little pony coloring book ($.50 clearance CVS), coloring set ($.75 Wal-Mart clearance), crayola toothbrush set (free from CVS)

34. Deb & Rocky- $50 gift cert. to Shula's steakhouse (online find for $28.75)

35. Sky-leather purse (Target clearance $4), lipgloss (free from CVS), hair set (Wal-Mart clearance $5)

36. Uncle J.- Stetson gift set (Wal-Mart clearance $3)

37. N.- bird house kitchen towel ($1 yard sale)

38. Miss KK-peddy set (clearance at Rite-Aid $7), $25 Chevron gas card (online deal $12.75), photo ablum ($3 clearance at Target), $25 Team Fever gift cert. ($14.19, online deal)

39. B.J.- moonlight path lotion ($3.75 sale and coupon B&BW), Steve Martin book (free-re-gifting)

40. C.J.-smores campfire set ($4)

41. D.J.-smores campfire set ($4)

42. Carter-crayola toothbrush set (free from CVS), Cars key set ($2), Coloring book (CVS clearance $.50), coloring set ($.75 clearance from Wal-Mart)

(for both Cater and Clarie) musical bubble bath elephant ($5 Wal-Mart clearance)

43. Claire-coloring book (CVS clearance $.50), coloring set ($.75 Wal-mart clearance), Care Bears dvd (Dollar General clearance $4)

44. Leah-
$50 Melting Pot gift cert. (online deal $28.75)
45. Kevin-

46. post lady- homemade bread, jam and coffee mix fixed in a gift basket ($5)

47. hairstylist & hubby- hm salsa, chips, soup mix and brownie mix in gift basket ($6)

48. Pastor & wife- various mixes in gift basket $9)

49. friend K.- same as above ($9)

50. Ms. K. same a s above ($4)

51. Pharmacy- hm apple cake ($3)

52. Tiger- $100 (for gifts and stocking)

53. Monkey-$100 (for gifts and stocking)

The boys get the same things. I will go into detail more about their Christmas later, as I have not finished their shopping.

Grand Total: $580.06

The key is to shop all year long and always be on the lookout for a good deal. Most of the Wal-Mart clearance items were bought after Christmas last year. Also, the frames for all of the pictures were bought the same way. I also will be shopping black friday!

Hubby and I bought a television ealier this year, since ours went out when I was pregnant with the boys 3 years ago. That will be our Christmas as it was our anniversary and next anniversary and Christmas. LOL!

Thank you all for your input and many blessing for a frugal and fun Christmas season!


Southerner said...

And the award goes to.......drumroll.....Marva! Great job! How many smores sets did you buy??? Remember, it is all in the packaging, a good presentation makes dog poop look good- okay, smell is important, too.

Mrs. Darling said...

We buy presents for 14 people only at Christmas. Between me and my sisters we have 84 people. We dont even try to give to each other! LOL

Enjoyed your list. Are you putting the smores pacs together yourself or is it a prepackaged gift set?

I have only purchased one christmas gift so far and its a 25 dollar gift certificate to Michaels for my older daughter. Hubby bought Peter two gifts but thats it. I need to get on the ball.

One little problem is that we have birthdays this month and 3 next month. I wish they wouldnt come at Christmas. Its all such added expense!

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, it wears me out just reading that list, can't imagine shopping for it.

It IS fun seeing how much you can save buying things on clearance and such. Sounds like you got some great deals.

Marva said...

Awwww soutnerner! You are too sweet! I bought a total of 13 or maybe 14, I can't remember. I know I used them all.

CAn honestly say I have never prsented or packaged dog poop.;) But, I may have to in the future! I know it's just a saying.


Marva said...

I could only imagine all the added expense with birthdays too Mrs. D!

Thankfully our b'days are over and finished in least until January.

Many blessings!!!!

Marva said...

Oh, I almost for got Mrs. D.....the smores kits were already done. Each one has 4 wooden skewers, 4 Nestle chocolate bars, a large pack of jumbo marshmallows and a box of graham crackers.

Pretty good deal for $4 each!

Marva said...

Thanks mykidsmom! I love bargain hunting and looking for sales that fit my list!!


Mimi said...

Great job Marva!
Congrats to Danita!