Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I am one of the crazy folks that heads out at 4am to catch some great sales. I love crowds and knowing that I am saving a bundle. This morning I and my bff are heading out with the boys in tow. No, I am not crazy! Smile! They are staying in the suv with her and I will do our shopping. They will sleep most of the time. I have packed lots of books and dvds as well as breakfast and plenty of snacks. So we are off.

Here's what we're hunting for and the plan.
Wal-Mart 5am - clothes, toys, ornaments, towels, bedding, shop vac
Target 6am- dvd's, games (board), pull-ups
Bed Bath and Beyond- pie crust saver, organizers for my pantry
Bath and Body Works -body stuff
Family Christian Bookstore -cd and book
Kohl's - apron sets, hooded towels
New Balance Store boys shoes
Academy- wrangler jeans

I also am looking for a fog less shower mirror (for hubby's shaving needs) and a dvd/vcr combo.

I think that is all. I do my parents shopping for my family, so there is a lot to do. I hope to get it all done today!

Are you shopping today or just staying in? What's on your list today?


Nico said...

Wow, you are one brave gal! Have fun shopping today!

Nikki said...

I went shopping this morning, but I only went to one place. You can read about my adventure at my blog.

Anonymous said...

All the after Thanksgiving shopping is not worth fighting the crowds to me.

Material things mean nothing to me that someone at Walmart(young employee) being trampled to death because of crazy shoppers.

I refuse to be a part of that but hope you find what your looking for Marva


mom2twins04 said...

I did go shopping this morning. I have limited funds this year, so it is my first time of ever braving the crowds. I went after the $4.00 p.j.'s, and a few of the $2.00 dvd's... I also bought a few of the $4.00 outfits for the twins. We are truly blessed. It is not a normal Christmas for us, but you know, I am thankful for what I am able to do. I looked at so many people and not one of them were rude or cut-throat... I was praying on the way to the store that there would be plenty of the needed items for my kids' sizes... God made certain that many of the other items were what those around me went after. I did not get as many of the dvd's as I wanted, but I got one for each child. We truly are blessed.

While in line for the checkout, I was able to talk to many people around me. Some were even very helpful to me when I needed to find different sizes of p.j.'s... It was an amazing morning... I kept thinking of how much I would have been spending if I had not gotten up... No toys today... we will do the necessities right now... My kiddos have too many toys anyway. I am thinking of a trampouline with a net as the big item for all 3 kids... I don't know yet.... we will see as time gets closer... we are going simple this year and focusing on family... Maybe our family will even create new traditions this year. I hope that you had a great day shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing and I do mean NOTHING I want or need bad enough to go shopping at 5AM. I hate to shop and only go when I absolutely have to. Pam, South Bend

Mimi said...

This year I decided to skip it. I only bought one item online.
I hope that you had fun and scored lots of bargains!