Friday, November 21, 2008

How Many Meals Can You Get Out of a Ham?

I bought an 8 pound spiral sliced ham a the 29th of October. I paid $14.91 for it. Let's see what all I did with it.

16 sandwiches for hubby's lunch
2 fried ham dinners for us
2 ham and cheese omlettes
1 breakfast casserole
ham in one pot of navy bean soup
and finally...........

Wednesday of this week......the 19th I think I finally finished it up in a pot of bean soup. i used the ham bone, onion, carrotts, 5 kinds of dry beans, cumin, garlic, water and chciken boullion. it was delicious. We had enough for us and my parents for 2 meals and lunch for me today. It makes the house smell so yummy!

I thought that was a great stretch of the buck! Many blessings!


MyKidsMom said...

Awesome job stretching that Ham Marva! I have one I need to take out of the freezer soon, so maybe I'll make some of the meals listed here. That soup sounds really good:)

Nikki said...

Way to use that ham! You really got some bang for your buck with that one!!

Mimi said...

I love whole hams, you can do so much with one!

mamacantrix said...

You're such a champ! I can usually get 2-3 hot meals, 2 sandwich meals, and a couple of "scrappies" -- like bean soup or omelets or mac and cheese w/bitty pieces mixed in. I suspect it will get harder as time goes by....the little buggers are getting bigger, and so are their appetities!