Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday was definitely one that I care not to repeat!

Before I get started let me tell you about Monkey and Tiger this morning. The barking has ceased from Monkey and the fever did not appear overnight but again this morning. It is taking a sly momma to get enough Cheerios in each of the boys to take their meds. He breathing is almost back to normal. Praise the Lord!

Tiger is better, but still feels lousy and is so irritable. Thank you all for your prayers and concern!

Now on to yesterday........

First it started off almost normally until I heard a scream. I thought the boys were in the play room playing. I had just checked o them and they had been fine. i went to grab a bite of breakfast when I heard the scream. I ran into the bathroom to find the floor full of water, about a half inch I suppose. and it was everywhere! I found water in drawers, cabinets and the counter was flooded too. I grabbed out towels as i drained the overfilled sink. I stripped the boys down to their pullups (since their pj's were soaked and dripping). Then they each went to their rooms with clothes to dress themselves while I started the clean up. After six towels and a bucket full of water I was finished. The Mother's Helper arrived then. Lol! Where was she when I needed her for this crisis?! Oh and Tiger had screamed earlier because his hair had gotten wet and water had gotten on his face.

Most of the morning went okay. i was able to shower and "fix myself" for the day. i did a couple loads of laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. I was finally able to get antibiotics for both of the boys. I went to the pharmacy and gave them my list. The antibiotics, the cough med (they had to order). another cool mist humidifier 9they were out), some acidilopholis, a pill cutter and a refill for hubby. I had to go by the store for milk and finally home. Then we had lunch and I don not get much done, the boys were getting clingy. When they went down for a nap, so did I.

It was then (before my nap) that (the mother's help) KK and I realized the monitor had been submerged in the flood earlier. It was starting to smoke.......great, another electrical item to go up in flames!

I then got that nap and woke up in time to head to the eye doctor. I now have glands dying in my lower lid on the right side. Just peachy! I am going to see a specialist at the Eye Foundation at UAB (as soon as I find one). in the mean time I have many drops and an antibiotic to help with all the dryness and irritation and ickiness. My eyes hurt so bad!

Then off to Wal-Mart......humidifier, monitor and gum. Found all I needed and headed home. To make a long story short the monitor is a piece of poop and it'll go back as soon as I can get it there.

When I got back from my Wal-Mart trip......that's when everything started happening with monkey (the breathing stuff). This is not the first time it has happened, as a matter of fact his airways have sealed off completely before. With his preemie lungs (still under developed) we are hoping no long term damage was done this time.

I did get to sleep from 11pm last night to 3 am this morning.......so that was good............now if tonight is just a teeny bit longer! Yippee! We can have a party then!

How was your day? I hope all is well and i hope to regular commenting soon and ASHLEY I promise to get to the award soon! Thank you all and blessing, blessings, blessings!


ASHLEY said...


MyKidsMom said...

You definitely have your hands full right now. I occasionally get eye infections from my contacts, and those painful eyes drive me bonkers. Between your teeth and eyes (and sick kiddies no less) it sure must be taking a toll on your body and energy levels. I hope everyone gets back to good health very soon, and that you get a little longer time in the sleep department tonight.

Southerner said...

That is the worst thing in the world to have a flooded room. Glad it was sink water not poo water. When we first moved up here we rented a home that was split level. I had three kids in two bedrooms downstairs and it had the laundry and a half bath. We had that happen in the bath and laundry room, except it was the clean water line that was clogged at the street and found the lowest point to drain which was the toilet- but at least it was not the bad water. We had a shop vac and mops and every towel I owned cleaning it up. It soaked throught the wall to the garage and I had most of our stuffed packed along that wall- and lost my precious moments boxes and other paper type items. UGGG! Hope today is better! Don't move, sit really still:)

mom2twins04 said...

It sounds as if your week has been about like mine. I really hope that the boys get better. Mine still fight it all winter long and they are 4... this year it hit just about a week ago... Usually it hits from October until April... it is getting better the older they become... my week is ok... I had a parent complaint about snacks... instead of coming to me, they went to my boss... I really don't care who it was, but I have a feeling that it was a co-worker... and if that was the case, I went to her for advice about it... She then went to the boss over it... that is what made me so mad... we are all grown ups, and yet so many women play those games that we tell the kids not to play... (also what we did in high school... not as adults)... I guess that is what peeves me off so badly... she could have come to me...what in the world do these women do in their spare times... I have a life and it erks my last nerve...
Hope the boys get better... sorry for venting... but you asked... :)