Monday, January 26, 2009


Today was fever free and the sun was shining! What else could a girl ask for? Nadda!

The boys are well on their way to recovery and the house is taking shape again. We went outside for a bit and over to my parents for a visit. MY Daddy had another skin cancer taken off his face today. We are waiting on pathology to find out if this one is Melanoma too.

My Mom's laptop arrived! Yay for her!

We got our central heat/ac unit fixed today. Thankfully that was only $150. We were afraid we were going to have to have a whole new unit! Praise the Lord!

I'm heading to the accountant tomorrow........should be interesting, after winning the truck and all. We'll see!

It has been a good day! Has has your day gone? What is on the agenda tomorrow?


Mimi said...

I'm glad that you had a good day!
I got my housework done and watched my tivo er episode. After school, we watched the kids play basketball fo about an hour and then it was dinner time. Now I'm going to read for awhile and check the kids homework. Tomorrow I want to get some errands done, grocery shopping, post office, and the office supply store. I hope you have a great evening!

whittybrooke said...

Hi again! The sunshine was great today, wasn't it? Although unfortunately it seems that me and both of the kids may be getting sick. I let them go outside anyway though...figured it was so pretty it wouldn't hurt. We live about 20 minutes outside of Huntsville right off of Hwy. 431. Anywhere close to you? Hope to keep
"talking" to you in the future!

Nikki said...

Please send some sunshine our way! It's been dark an gloomy for four or five days now, and I really would like to see the sun.

Mamaoftwins said...

Yeah, everyones feeling better!! Great news!
I think Im a day late for this response but yesterday I taught school and ran errands. I got those plastic containers for my pantry :)! Yippie! Cant wait to organize. I'll post a pic when Im finished. Best thing of all it was all free using a gift card. God is good!

Nico said...

I hope that your Dad is doing well. Enjoy the nice weather for me too.

MyKidsMom said...

So good to hear things are much better! We had snow, but not enough to shut things down. And I'm aching for a bit of sunshine myself.