Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting and Not Finishing

Since the boys were born I have a bad, bad habit of starting and not finishing things. Sometimes I get side tracked and other times I forget......I have to admit, but I also am getting a bit lazy. Lord help me!

I have started not one, not two or even three posts in the last two days but EIGHT posts. I just seem to have no energy to finish them. I love blogging though. Sometimes, for a period I only want to read, other times just to read and comment and other times just to write. Are you that way?

One of the post I started was about Wal-Mart. I am just going to mention the deals I found right now, while you have a chance to check out your own Wal-Mart.
  • spiral hams reduced to $.99 per lb.
  • all Christmas items 75% off (I got the boys some long sleeve Christmas tees for next year)
  • all toys (I got the boys a cd player w/ 5 cds from Little Tikes, I bought two for $7 each)
  • some dvds were reduced to $3 each (I got a couple more Barney ones)
  • winter clothing for the whole family was on sale and shoes too
  • several baking and decorationg type items were also 75% off

Now, back to the program..................

The rain has subsided as of 8am and the sun is out! Glory! The water is going away slowly but surely. The creek within 20 feet of our back door is finally flowing through the ditch and not having to flow over it. It was rushing such yesterday that there were WHITE CAPS and suds!!! It was only 10 feet or so from our back door then.

I am so glad that we have no damage and all of the cows and fruit trees are safe! Thank you Lord for that! Thank you all for your prayers!

Now, we are in need of your prayers yet again. My fil was admitted to the hospital last night and still is having winded spells. They finally have his bp under control and his pace maker seems to be fine. There is fluid around the heart and lungs and they are giving him lasix to get rid of that. Hubby is there now. I am not sure what else can be done or if they will do anything else. All of the tests, x-rays and dopplers have come back normal but he still does not feel "right". He is 81 (in April) and should know by now if he feels "right" or not. LOL! That's what he told the doctor this morning! Hehe! So, when you happen upon a chance, please say a little prayer for him today, his name is Hoyle.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be seeing you in cyberland! Blessings!!!


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Mimi said...

Sending prayers for Hoyle.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Oh Dear . . . is your fil o.k.?

There are days that I absolutely get nothing done other than chasing Cody.

Tonight I was a little irritated because I had everything done, but you couldn't tell it after the kids got home.