Monday, December 17, 2007

Blessings All Around! Thank you Lord!

God is so good, all of the time. In the last couple of weeks, he has been abundantly good. How grateful we are.

These are the blessings we have received.

  1. New carhartt coat for Bulldog (free, thanks to his employer).

  2. $500 Christmas bonus

  3. Saved and stockpiled pantry staples. Saved $259.00, paid $41.00

  4. Had venison given to us twice. almost 25 # total

  5. Had 5# of quail given to us

  6. Bulldog got 2 $50 Wal-Mart gift cards for accident free driving

  7. Bulldog got quarterly saftey bonus ($250)

  8. My parents kept our boys Saturday night and gave us $50 to eat on.

  9. One of my mother's helper gave me a early Christmas presents, a free day!

  10. This one may be a little confusing, I had almost $350 left over in mixes and gift sets from orders and my open house. As of yesterday am I had planned to "peddle" them as I made deliveries this am. I really despise doing this. Last night before bedtime I got a phone call from a previous customer saying that she needed some last minute gifts. I met her this am and she bought $261!!!!! Then another lady asked me to bring a few things for her to look at and she bought $45. So, I did not have to waste gas and do what I despise most! I have a few things left to give to friends and relatives. God is so good.

Lastly, we recieved a $75 gift basket from my Uncle in the mail. Thank you Uncle D! It looks like this

We are so blessed. There is too much to list, but these are some of the most recent.

Sending prayers and blessings your way! Merry Christmas!


Ellie said...

Hi Marva! Wow, the Lord does provide, just when you seem to need it....we had several blessings too this holiday season. Hope you are having a wonderful day :) Ellie

Marva said...

That's wonderful Ellie! God id so awesome, even though we do not always understand.

Christmas blessings to you and yours!