Sunday, December 16, 2007

So much fun!

Hubby and I had the best time last night. We got most everything done, enjoyed time and conversation together and enjoyed a fabulous meal!

I had the fried crab claws and fried butterflied gulf shrimp. I got a baked poatao to go with it. We ordered fried dill picles as an appetizer. They also serve slaw, cornbread and pickled onions with your meal. Hubby had the shrimp (like mine) and fried catfish.

We got to sit right over the water and it was absolutely perfect.

Later on I had a Caramel MooLatte from the Dairy Queen. It was delish as well.

We finally got home at midnight but oh what fun we had!;)

Thanks for the well wishes! The boys gave their Paw-Paw and Granny a run for their money but they are ready to keep them again anytime. Watch out mom here we come!

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