Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am one tired puppy today. I had a mother's helper here for about 6 hours today. It's a good thing too. Here's what I got accomplished:

4 more loads of laundry
Canned 26 jars of pepper jelly
Went to P.O. and ran errands
Finshed my need to buy for Christmas list
Wrapped about 30 presents
Made bed
changed both crib linens
Balanced checkbook
Did email stuff and printed several sheets of labels for mix business
Cleaned out suv
Called Amazon (getting some toys ready to return - broken in shipping)
Made breakfast and lunch.

That's all for now.

I have got to get supper cooked, boys bathed, do my CVS/groc. list & compile coupons, do the same for Saturday's Christmas shopping trip, unload and reload dw, call B.J., check dh's paystub, call B.H., fill out the last of the Christmas cards and post some recipes. (Spend time w/ hubby).

Wishing you a great Wednesday!

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