Monday, December 10, 2007


What is with the weather? It's 75 here today! Yes, I know I live in Alabama, thank you very much!:)

I have the air running and the Chrsitmas tree is sitting dark, it's too hot to turn the 1200 lights on. No, I do not intend on burning the house down, it's pre-lit.

Anyone else feeling the heat today?

If it is going to be this hot, it could at least rain.

Truly though. No compliants here. Where else could my precious angels enjoy riding the tractor with Paw-Paw, feed the cows and have us chasing them around the pond.

God is awesome in all he does and does NOT make mistakes. Thank you Jesus for the beautiful day!


Nico said...

Enjoy the beautiful weather :) It is nothing but cold and ice here. I'm missing the warmer Fall weather.

Marva said...

Thanks nico. I am hoping to be able to miss the warm weather soon. He he!:)