Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Morning!

Today seems better. My Oreo ice cream probably helped! My Mom came over yesterday after I near fainted. I have never felt quite this overwhelmed by it all. She took care of the boys for 2 hours and I slept. She left when it was time for their nap and I slept for another hour. Then Little Tiger awoke and I put him in the bed with me and we slept for another 45 minutes. Bulldog brought home takeout (again). Then I went to bed by 9 last night.

I did not get much accomplished at all yesterday and I can honestly say that I found out I am not Marva the Marvelous Wonder. God is my strength. However, he did not kill yourself doing "it all". Those of you that do not have twins imagine 2 of your children the same age, doing the same as the other one, wanting the same things, needing the EXACT same things. Yes, they have different personalities but they are more alike than you could ever know. Isn't that right, Mimi?!

Just take their latest habit.

Little Tiger likes to take off his diaper and pants ANY time he is put in the crib and he has it down to a mere 30 seconds. Now brother is doing the same. I promise you they watch each other and say, "Let's see how insane we can make Mommy today?" Okay, a bit extreme but just the same. After a couple poop on the wall and under fingernails episodes, Little Tiger proudly displays a silver belted diaper (loosely of course). Duct tape is a wonderful thing! If you have other ideas feel free to share them with me. I'm open to suggestions at this time.

Now, Last night Bulldog and I had put the boys down for the night. Chunky Monkey has not been (the key word been) following brother's lead at the end of the day, so much as naptimes so he had not (had not key phrase) been wearing a belted diaper. They had talked and giggled then all was finally quiet. About 8:20 pm Bulldog was headed to the kitchen for his nightly iced tea and I asked hime to look in on the boys. I tell you I do not know what that man was looking at (nor does he evidently). He said they were fine. At 8:50 pm I checked on them before I laid down and what I saw was a site! Little Tiger fast asleep, diaper and clothing in place. Chunky money laying spread eagle for all to see. Diaper, pants and socks in floor. I went and retreived Bulldog from the ballgame on tv. The monkey was wet and sticky, the carpet, sheet, blanket, his lovie and wall were also WET!!! I laughed it off. Mainly because the hubby cleaned up the child and then helped me with the other. Let's just say Monkey went to sleepytown with a nice silver belt on his diaper as well and I think Bulldog will pay a little closer attention next time.

What do you think? Do the men ever learn? Nah, that's why the helpmeet. Just kidding!


Mrs. Darling said...

Hope you start feeling better. Goodness, now is not the time to be sick is it?

I certainly know I never wanted twins I just didnt think I could ever keep up! My hats off to you!

Mimi said...

Marva, you are so right. Being a mom of twins has so may challenges, but we get double the reawards! Just wait it gets even better-
soon they'll be running at the same time, but in different directions!
Merry Christmas!

Nikki said...

The things I have to look forward to when this little boy comes. Oh, my!

pdo said...

When my daughter was 2 - 36 years ago, I put her down for a nap after Easter dinner at my moms. When I got her up from her nap my precious curly haired blonde daughter and her hand knit easter dress were covered in poop--as were my moms walls and the crib!!

Marva said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

Mrs. Darling, I never knew how it was just to have one, so it is just second nature. Blessings they are though.

Mimi, Yes, lots of rewards!

Nikki, you have no idea!

Welcome pdo! You know right where I am coming from!