Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's To-Do

Well today is one busy day! Here's what's on my list for today!

  1. Get orders together
  2. P.O., My parents, CVS, Hometown Pharmacy, Bank, Consignment Shop
  3. 3 loads of clothes
  4. Unload and Reload dw
  5. Supper
  6. Parade (tonight w/ family)
  7. Clean a leather coat
  8. Make bed
  9. Vaccum
  10. General straightening up

I hope to get it all done and have the boys ready to go to the parade when their Daddy gets home from work.

Supper will be homemade rolls, homemade chili and slices of hoop cheese. Apple dump cake for dessert!

What are you cooking up for tonight?

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