Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank you Amazon!

Here's a little taste of the way I like to save.

Amazon has a little program where if you buy something from them and they reduce the price within 30 days of the purchase then they refund the difference. It does not matter how many times they reduce it within the 30 days.

So, I got the Playskool Bounce N Go Inch-Along ride on worms for the boys for Christmas from Amazon. I was so excited becuase I got them for $24.49 each (cheaper than Wal-Mart) and free shipping.

Then I see on the 30th of November they are down to $21.99. I email them and they refund the $5.00 on both. Then last night I happen to see that they are marked to $12.99. I email again last night and this morning before 5am they have refunded the additional $18.00. How cool is that?

That means I paid $25.98 for both of them! Total savings including shipping $44.96! So excited!

Thank you AMAZON!

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